mdshamilton 12:41 21 Jun 2004

Last weekend in the midst of playing an online game my Dell PC died on me. The power just cut out completely.

On the Monday evening I called Dell's technical support line and they took me through what was evidently a tick-list of potential resolutions. It took just short of an hour, and I did have to speak clearly and carefully to the Indian tech support guy who carried on with me past their 8pm end of business day. He checked in his sytems that replacement parts were available and provided me with a reference number. He said that an engineer would contact me on Wednesday to arrange to replace the motherboard and power supply unit.

On the Wednesday, an engineer called, apologised that he'd only just received the ticket, but he was in the area and could he come in to see to the PC. He turned up 5 minutes later, spent over an hour replacing the motherboard, PSU, carried the PC back into the loft to plug it in to the monitor etc, fully tested the PC and was away.

The PC works very well now, the cooling fan is much quieter (perhaps the old motherboard had a faulty cooling fan that caused the board to fry?).

On the Friday an Indian from Dell's tech support line called me to ask and ensure that I was happy with the service I'd received, and was the PC running OK.

In short I am very pleased with the level of service I received from Dell, service as it should be!

  deke 14:53 21 Jun 2004

I hope i get the same service if my dell dies


  [email protected] 01:02 22 Jun 2004

it is nice that the Dell technical support phones you back to check how things are going, proof that the company does care about customer satisfaction which may be one of the reasons for their sucess

  rickimalone 17:23 22 Jun 2004

Wow that is good service I would be very happy indeed with that, good stuff

  bremner 17:44 22 Jun 2004

Totally agree that the service received by mdshamilton is to be praised - but unfortunately this is in no way across the board at Dell.

I have been having difficulty with them supplying a machine - promises of phone calls not kept - delivery dates not kept - extremely poor checks and balances on ensuring an order is successfully completed.

They are I am sure trying but they still have some way to go.

  dth 12:46 23 Jun 2004

Nice to a see a positive post about Dell - as all the recent post seem to have be crticial.

  mdshamilton 13:22 23 Jun 2004

No company can possible provide good service all the time. This forum is often the place where people vent their frustrations and find help to resolve their issues. I would welcome reading about people's positive experiences with other companies once in awhile too.

This is the 3rd PC I've purchased from Dell in the past 12 months. I'm very happy with them.

Bremner - if you are having issues with Dell (I had one where they'd supplied the wrong keyboard-a wireless rather than a multimedia one), do contact their customer services line and be persistent in explaining what resolution you want. Dell's salespeople are not great at returning phonecalls when there is a problem.

  bremner 17:40 23 Jun 2004

Been on to them almost daily - they have promised shipment today.

If they fail to do so then it will be cancelled tomorrow.

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