Delivery Warning!!!

  Storik 10:23 14 Feb 2006

Having placed an order with a computer firm for four items, on checking the email, I find that these items are packed in two parcels. One contains a motherboard and floppy drive, the other a CPU and memory chip.

Then comes a familiar scenario. I am in the shower; my husband is on the telephone and the doorbell rings. He answers the door and signs for the parcel the deliveryman gives him. The parcel contains the motherboard and floppy drive.

The CPU and Memory Stick do not arrive, and so after a couple of days I check via the “tracking” feature. I find that all components had been dispatched on the same day. I inform the company that only one parcel has arrived and they check with the delivery firm. We have signed for two parcels, although only one was delivered.

Fair enough, the deliveryman has made a mistake and the undelivered parcel will be found at the depot. Not so! So where is the parcel? Is this a case of theft or has this parcel been delivered to the wrong address? If this is so, surely the deliveryman has checked his delivery sheet. He must have seen that TWO parcels were to be delivered to our address.

Now I may be being uncharitable, but to me, this rather smacks of theft, mainly because it is the most expensive items that have failed to arrive. Apparently I can not register a complaint with the Delivery Firm, it has to come from the computer company, who, in all fairness are investigating.

I do not know how all this is going to finish, it may well be that I shall be out of pocket – something I cannot afford. However, could I just warn folk that no matter how busy you are at the time, DO check the delivery note before signing, or you could end up like me.

Because there is an ongoing investigation I have purposely not mentioned the names of the companies concerned.


  961 10:29 14 Feb 2006

If you paid by credit card or Visa debit card, advise card company of problem also

  Storik 11:16 14 Feb 2006


Thanks I may just do that, although the last time something went amiss, with they were not very helpful.

Thing is, having signed for TWO parcels - although only receiving one, they may not want to know. However, I shall certainly try that avenue, thank you for the suggestion.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:12 14 Feb 2006

The problem is that 2 parcels were signed for and by signing your husband has agreed that 2 were delivered. The onus would be on you to prove that 2 were not delivered. This is the difficult bit, putting yourself in the supplier's shoes I'm sure that you would find it suspicious if one of your customers had signed for 2 parcels and then complained that they had only received one.


  Storik 14:59 14 Feb 2006

Yes that is the problem, but it irks that someone, somewhere, has my goods and I will have to pay for them. I am not blaming the computer company - who it would appear, are doing what they can.

The delivery company has just started out with a new franchise and consequently doesn't have the the delivery vans with the company logo - just plain white hired vans.

However, I'm not beaten yet - it must be easy to find out the name of the driver and get a copy of the delivery sheet. If his delivery sheet states that two parcels SHOULD have been delivered, I want to know why he didn't deliver TWO parcels. Could have been a mistake, in which case, my missing parcel should have turned up at the depot.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:43 14 Feb 2006

Even if the delivery sheet states that 2 parcels were delivered you are onto a hiding to nothing as your husband signed that he had received 2 parcels. The delivery company would turn round and state precisely that. All the driver needs to say is that he delivered 2 parcels and show your husband's signature as 'evidence'.


  961 15:56 14 Feb 2006

Nevertheless it would be interesting to start by getting a copy of this delivery note

I'm the world's worst for signed for stuff unexamined, but I can't help feeling that even I, faced with a delivery note indicating two packs, would gaily go ahead and accept just one

Was this a hard copy paper delivery note, or one of these new fangled jobbies? If it has a great "2" on it, when did the 2 get there?

Let's not admit defeat before we start

  spuds 16:39 14 Feb 2006

Similar incident with a friend of mine, just before Christmas. Took and signed for delivery of one parcel handed to him by by the courier driver.Opened the parcel and found only part of the items he had purchased, so immediately on the phone to the retailers.Informed that they had divided the items into two parcels. The final outcome, was the delivery company loader had put one parcel onto another vehicle, going to a different part of the county. Took about a week to sort it out though, before he received the other parcel.

  Storik 16:42 14 Feb 2006

This, as far as my husband can remember, and it was the third parcel delivered that day, was a paper sheet affixed to a clip board.

I am not giving up before I can speak to the driver and get a copy of the delivery note.

This is the second time in a couple of months that I have been apparently "ripped off" when buying thing on the internet. What I would like to know is WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PARCEL.

Technically of course, because my husband signed for TWO parcels, I am probably going to be up the creek without a paddle, but this sort of thing can happen to anyone - and it's all very well being wise after the event. A bit of negative publicity for the delivery service concerned, a large company, may just jog the driver's memory. I'm really angry about it.

You're right 961, I'm not giving up without a fight. Bye the way, I did contact my CC company and they are going to see what they can do.


  Charlemagne 16:57 14 Feb 2006

The computer firm should have informed you of the number of parcels to expect. You were expecting one delivery and your husband signed for it.

  SB23 16:57 14 Feb 2006

I used to work as a warehouse man for a large company, and you'd be surprised as to how often this happens with couriers.

Always check before you sign.It will state how many parcels you are signing for.

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