Delivery Times

  Woolwell 17:29 19 Sep 2008

I ordered 5 items last week through the internet.
On Monday, late afternoon, I ordered 3 items from Misco. 2 were in stock and were delivered on Tuesday. The third had to be ordered in and was delivered on the Wednesday. Well done Misco.
I ordered an item from lambda-tek on Wednesday late afternoon and it was with me by Friday. Well done to them too.
I ordered an item from Partmaster on the Monday. according to their website it was in stock. It wasn't sent until Saturday and didn't get to me until Tuesday.
I know which 2 out of the 3 firms that I am more likely to order from in the future.

  spuds 18:11 19 Sep 2008

Its the luck of the draw nowadays, but I think in fairness website ordering is at the mercy of the main supplier and not necessary the retailer, and perhaps non-local warehouse facilities.I have checked website stock levels in the morning, then rechecked later only to find items selling fast. At one point there is likely to be an error due to possible delayed website updates.

I order on a regular basis items from Ebuyer, and find that some items originate from different parts of the country, but are loaded on the same Business Link van and delivered at the same time.Just fancy the logistics involved in that so as to satisfy a customer!.

  laurie53 18:23 19 Sep 2008

I know you're trying to be fair, spuds, but some suppliers do seem to be much worse with delivery times than others, and in my experience Partmaster is one of them.

On the other hand you don't see a lot of complaints about slow delivery from the likes of Novatech.

  Monoux 20:49 19 Sep 2008

I used Tesco Direct for the first time last weekend. Ordered late morning Saturday item delivered Monday lunch time. Apparently usually items are deliverd the next day but no deliveries on a Sunday-- fair enough and I was impressed

  jack 09:58 20 Sep 2008

Even assuming the goods exists in warehouse- as pointed out- items can go quicker than the stock control can update.
Many other items may not be on hand - but available on a 'just in time' basis - imagine what can happen here if the sellers supplier- goes down or the transport link goes awry
Sitting thinking about it the mind boggles that anything gets delivered on time any where- and this is from having worked in a mail order distribution centre with guaranteed before 1pm -next day delivery service.
If the computer went down-which it could - nothing moved - there was no possibility of carrying on manually.

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