Delivery men from Hell ?

  keewaa 19:57 29 May 2006

I'm sure you've seen 'Neighbours from Hell' 'Builders from Hell' 'Tradesmen from Hell' .... I wonder what the worst of the delivery men would be like .... can't you see them, playing 'How high will this computer box bouce from 10 metres, and will the packaging protect it'.

I'm not slagging off delivery men but I can't help wonder what the worst of them get up to with our computer boxes.

  keewaa 19:59 29 May 2006

Maybe this should have been in speakers corner ?

  Forum Editor 20:05 29 May 2006

it's appropriate here.

  Totally-braindead 20:11 29 May 2006

keewaa I presume from your posting you have some sort of experience of this or is this just a hypothetical thing in that you imagine delivery men go out of their way to deliberately break things?

  Colin 20:24 29 May 2006

In April 1999, I ordered a PC from Tiny and it was delivered by Amtrak. I have never met such a bad mannered delivery driver. The whole process went without a word being spoken by the delivery driver, the delivery note was shoved in front of me for signing and when I asked after signing, "is that it, then?, he just sighed loudly, got in his van and drove off. I still see the same fool driving a parcel van now. I was excited about receiving a new PC, maybe he delivers 100 a day, but it affects your impression of the company.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:34 29 May 2006

I had a Baboon from Amtrak deliver my computer from Mesh. The box had 2 handholds but he only used 1, box ripped and then dropped on to floor and was dragged down the front drive.I had a few not very quiet words with the blighter.

  spuds 20:37 29 May 2006

That's the best, when the delivery person states "I have a damaged parcel/box, do you want me to leave it?". It doesn't give a good impression, when you ask the delivery person what rugby team they are training for. Now that was a drop kick, if I ever did see one. :O)

  BigRik 21:06 29 May 2006

I hope to have my new 40" LCD tv delivered some time this week, and reading this makes me feel a little shakey!!

I suppose some delivery people get a bit bored with the repetitiveness of their work as well as the driving. Imagine your delivery is next after the poor guy has just had some slanging match with another road user. He's not gonna feel like smiling much!

Having said that though, most people will probably know what the job entails before they take it on. Its a job which deals with other peoples property, so said property should always be respected. Its a job which will put you in front of the customer on the majority of occasions, so civility would be nice as well.

After all, as I used to tell staff when I was a manager some years back, manners cost nothing.

  Little Flower 21:17 29 May 2006

We get lots of deliveries at work. I always write 'unchecked' before I sign. One time, the driver started moaning at me, so I suggested he wait while I unpacked the box & checked everything in it... He declined.

Some of the boxes have been a bit battered, but so far, nothing's been damaged. Even the sewing machine we didn't order & never had collected back!

  keewaa 21:37 29 May 2006

<<<<<Totally-braindead Mon, 29/05/[email protected]:11
keewaa I presume from your posting you have some sort of experience of this or is this just a hypothetical thing in that you imagine delivery men go out of their way to deliberately break things? >>>>>>

No experience of any problems myself, however reading a few posts about PCs being dead on delivery, I just wondered if it was possible to work out (and it isn't), what percentage of faulty electronics goods delivered via courier, would actually be faulty due to extreme lack of care in handling / transit.

Or, putting it another way, how good does the packaging stand up to abuse.

Like I said, I wasn't slagging off delivery men, and I would guess, as in all professions, the worst offenders are a minute percentage of those employed in that area.

  keewaa 21:46 29 May 2006

Well when I say no problems I mean no actual faults, but the latest PC was delivered with one of the box handle cutouts ripped, and although it is only cardboard it still would take mishandling to rip thick cardboard.

The thought does pass through my mind has the mishandling weakened any ot the components to cause future problems.

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