Deliveries from Jersey (Choice Stationary)

  stuart0742 20:30 06 Mar 2008

It seems common practice for mail order companies to dispatch from an off shore warehouse in Jersey.

I have just received a consignment of printer cartridges from Choice, yes their service is cheap and quick for a quality product, but they are not honest and transparent about their service.

I ordered from there website which states on the home page "Includes VAT"

When they confirm dispatch the email says the delivery is by Royal Mail and has been split into 3 packages to aid delivery in specially designed packaging that will fit through your letterbox. This packaging is actually Jiffy Bags.

They don't tell you the have split the consignment into packages below £17.99 to save themselves VAT and boost profits. This is VAT they have charged the customer.

Come on Choice be open and honest about why you are splitting consignments, even better deduct the VAT from orders if you do this.

  Miké 20:49 06 Mar 2008
  Miké 20:52 06 Mar 2008

4.3 Consignments imported by individuals to the UK of a value of £17.99 or under are relieved from import VAT and duties under current legislation.

4.4 For goods priced at £18 and above imported by you into the UK we will, unless you inform us otherwise, arrange for VAT at 17.5% and any applicable Customs duty due on your importation to be paid to HM Revenue and Customs. This procedure is for your convenience only and is specific for the importations you make into the UK. This arrangement does not change any of the relevant terms and conditions mentioned in this document. For the avoidance of doubt, you are and will remain the importer of all goods ordered by you and shipped to an address outside Jersey and will at all times remain liable for any import VAT, Customs or other duty chargeable thereon.

  Totally-braindead 21:22 06 Mar 2008

I see no problem with what they do and knew they were now based in Jersey. I appreciate you didn't know but as a long term customer I and many others did know they had moved.

  peter99co 21:29 06 Mar 2008

I recd two packs. one with two inks and one with four on the same day and the postman had to knock me up to give me them because the big one would not go through the letter box. I sent them an email and they replied that it would be forwarded to approriate dept.

  stuart0742 07:49 07 Mar 2008

I appreciate Choice offer a good service at good prices, but think they are being a little sly in telling you they are splitting the consignment only to make delivery easy.

Yes they do tell you in their T & C's that consignments under £17.99 are relieved of VAT, they do not tell you they keep it for their profits.

Even splitting into small parcels is a waste of time when my local Post Man banded 3 together then decided they would not fit through the letter box and left a card!!

If the package is less than £17.99 with no VAT you should pay less than an advertised price that includes VAT

  BT 07:57 07 Mar 2008

I had just the same problem with a split package.
I ordered 6 cartridges from their 'Pick & Mix' offer. 2 jiffy bags turned up, one with 5 carts, one with one, and as we were out when the Postie came the smaller one went through the letter box and I had to go to the sorting office to collect the other one. Now if they had put 3 in each bag they would have gone through the letter box, I know I tried it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:18 07 Mar 2008

So you want to pay VAT? If the items cannot be split you will be charged VAT if they can be split you will not be charged VAT. Am I missing something obvious here? I fail to see your point.


  pj123 12:07 07 Mar 2008

As Totally-braindead says.

I don't have a problem with this system either.

Been using Choice for a few years now and will continue to do so.

  Totally-braindead 12:31 07 Mar 2008

I can see your point to a certain degree. But the price you see is still the price you pay and it includes the postage. If you are unhappy then you can still go elsewhere. Its not as if theres any extra charge for you. I could see your point if you then had Customs trying to get more money off you to cover the VAT but that doesn't happen.

If at the end of the day they make more money as they don't pay VAT it doesn't affect you or me. I'm willing to bet that some costs in Jersey are higher than the mainland but obviously the difference still gives them a good profit and theres no reason for them to tell you that either.

  choicestationery 12:32 07 Mar 2008


Let me try and clear this up for you.

Yes we do ship from Jersey. Our call centre is still based in Taunton Somerset, but our main warehouse is now in Jersey. We still have a warehouse in Tauton for which we use to ship larger orders and for our business customers.

This allows us to remain competitive with the market and offer you the customer better prices.

We do split our orders up to a maximum number of packages, say no more than 5, which means that we do not have to charge you the customer VAT. If the order is over 5 packages then we take the view that this is too many parcels and send as one and pay the VAT on your behalf but do not charge you any extra.

I take on board your comments about the way the orders are split and we are working with our software company to make sure this is even ie 3 in one and 3 in the other and will have this in place by May.

And with regards to deducting the VAT, when we moved to Jersey it enabled us to reduce all our prices by up to 25% and will continue to do so the more people support us. Thats how Choice started and how we will continue by passing the savings back to our customers.

As usual please do not hesitate to contact me direct at [email protected] if you wish to discuss any matters further.


Paul Andrews
Choice Stationery Supplies

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