Deciding between Acer Aspire V3 517G and V5 517G with gaming in mind

  PandaKing 11:41 26 Jul 2013

I'm looking at buying a laptop in the next few months or so to replace my dell dimension 3100 (WinXP, 512RAM, Pentium 4, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900)and accompany me to university.

I've been working with a £500 budget, and so far, the best two options I have seen are the Acer aspire V3 517g and the aspire v5 517g. Both are 15.6 inch laptops with 720p screens, both are windows 8, both have an nvidea dedicated graphics card, and both have ivy bridge i5 chips (which to me seem almost identical), and both are within £20 or so of one another.

They differ in two areas, and I'm not sure which is better. The V3 has an nvidea geforce 710m card and 6gb of ddr3 ram, where the v5 has and nvidea gt 620m card and 4gb of ram. of course the V3 is also fatter, but I am prepared to live with that as it will likely be a desk laptop. Also as far as I can see, both can have up to 8gb of ram, so ill probably max it out in future.

Now I'm not a dedicated PC gamer, but I also don't want to be stuck with a PC that has no option to game if I want to (like the dimension 3100). In addition to this, I'm looking for a laptop that wont need replacing for a long time. In short, I want to buy the better spec of these two, and I am having a little trouble telling which that is. I suspect that the V3 has the edge, but I cant tell if its enough better to justify the extra bulk.

V3 on amazon V5 on amazon

Any help would be appreciated, and of course if you have any better alternatives, that would be great too.

  Nontek 16:13 26 Jul 2013

IMHO the V3 is better having a 2.6Ghz as opposed to the V5 which has a slightly lesser 1.7Ghz CPU.

  PandaKing 17:01 26 Jul 2013

I didn't even notice the core difference. It is looking like the V3 is the superior machine.

  Nontek 18:53 26 Jul 2013

Yes, the V3 also has better graphics and more RAM.

  rdave13 20:34 26 Jul 2013

Unless you spend near or over a grand then no laptop is 'good' for gaming.

Rule of thumb is, the more expensive the laptop the better it will play games. I'd go for the V3 as opposed to the V5 but if gaming was a tiny bit important I would add another couple of hundred to buying a better machine.

Remember that the CPUs and GPUs are downgraded in a laptop compared to a desktop. Size of components are restricting. Whatever you decide to buy go for a better and more expensive model even if you have to wait a few months to save.

Good hunting.

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