Decent wireless mouse - but not too pricey!

  wildhouse 22:31 02 Apr 2013

Just before Christmas I changed to a wireless mouse for my . Love the concept but can't afford the cost in batteries! I seem to be changing them every couple of weeks. I have an Advent mouse from Curry's (the third one as I assumed the first 2 were faulty only lasting a few days between batteries). Can anyone recommend a mouse which doesn't need batteries changing every few weeks but won't cost an arm and a leg? Thanks.

  spuds 10:45 03 Apr 2013

Have you thought about using rechargeable batteries?.

  wee eddie 11:36 03 Apr 2013

I have a Logitech Wireless Mouse that I picked up in PCW for a tenner, while on offer. They claim that the batteries are good for about a 1000 hours.

While I cannot vouch for that, it seems pretty obvious to me that if you fail to turn it off when you have finished using it, a month is all you can expect, maybe less.

  BT 12:03 03 Apr 2013

As spuds says a couple of sets of rechargeable batteries will solve the battery problem, but after several wireless 'mices' I have gone back to wired ones. Can't really see much advantage to wireless in most circumstances.

  wildhouse 12:15 03 Apr 2013

Thanks for your input. I turn the mouse off overnight and when I am at work but it doesn't seem to make much difference. I am wondering if it is this particular model that is a problem since it is my third (the first 2 were changed within a day of getting them). Logitech has been recommended to me so that will probably be my next move (although sadly can't find one for a tenner!). May buy a cheap wired one for emergencies, too!

  spuds 12:41 03 Apr 2013

The one I use is a Packard Bell C-3UP, which I have had for many years. I think I paid about a fiver or less on clearance offer from PC World. Never had a problems with rechargeables, but standard (10/12 for a £1) zinc chloride batteries last for about a month on daily extensive use.

  wildhouse 13:12 03 Apr 2013

Thanks, Spuds. Off to Poundland again!

  wildhouse 11:11 06 Apr 2013

Have bought a Logitech M185 mouse - they guarantee (depending on usage!) 1000 hours of battery life!

  spuds 11:23 06 Apr 2013

What type of batteries are they suggesting or providing?.

  wildhouse 15:35 06 Apr 2013

It's just an AA battery so no expensive cells to replace.

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