Decent soundcard needed

  A_flea 21:41 04 Nov 2008

I am currently running my PC350 headset off my integrated soundcard. I have found the mic to give out a fair bit of interference and there is the odd crackle through the headset when producing a long bass.

The headphones are 150ohm and the mic is apparently 200ohm which I believe is unusually high. So basically I am after a soundcard that will be a perfect match...

I have never really delved into souncards so any advice is appreciated.

  citadel 21:56 04 Nov 2008 have a large range to pick from. to install a card you disable onboard sound in the bios, shut down pc, fit card into pci slot, restart and install driver for card from cd that comes with card when the new hardware found wizard asks.

  A_flea 23:36 04 Nov 2008

Oh I know how to install hardware, I've been building computers for years now, just never researched into high-end sound.
I'm not clued up on specifications etc. I have no idea whih card will give me the best sound/reliability/compatibility for my headset and other hardware...

  GaT7 18:41 05 Nov 2008

For gaming, Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer click here.

For music, Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music click here

Also consider the Auzentech & Asus Xonar ranges: e.g. click here & click here, OR click here.

To view the full ranges:
- Creative X-Fi click here
- Auzentech click here & click here (latter link - you may still find some of the 'discontinued' products for sale)
- Asus Xonar click here


  A_flea 12:23 06 Nov 2008

Anyone know from experience whether any of these will allow me to run my sennheisers without gain (currently 30% on mic!). The Asus range look to be more powerful but spec wise all they seem to be banging on about about is resolution and surround... None of this info is really a revelation, my onboard runs at the same rates in 5.1.....

  A_flea 12:24 06 Nov 2008

^^Edit: thanks by the way Crossbow...

  GaT7 17:16 06 Nov 2008

User reviews at click here mention they work well with X-Fi & Auzentech cards.

Read independent reviews for the headphones - they should mention what soundcard they used. G

  GaT7 17:25 06 Nov 2008

I'm sure the Xonar cards will be just as good.

Razer do good soundcards too click here, but primarily for gaming I'd imagine. G

  A_flea 11:59 08 Nov 2008

Thanks for the info, found some reviews and it seems the ASUS cards are reputed to have better Vista drivers... There was also a guy using a set of 120ohm phones and he said the soundcard wasn't even struggling. I'm going to purchase the Xonar D2X as it seems to be the most 'futureproof' and comprehensive for my budget...
Thanks again.

  GaT7 18:27 09 Nov 2008

The Auzentech Prelude card might have a slight edge over the Asus Xonar in terms of sound (& settings? - see below). Independent reviews click here & click here. One user review comparing the two click here, with regard to some extra settings on the Prelude, which results in better sound.

Btw, the Xonar D2X needs to be powered by a single floppy-type 4-pin connector, while the Prelude is bus-powered.

The Xonar D2X is PCI-E, while the Prelude is PCI - I guess the former still clinches it for "futureproofness"? G

  GaT7 18:33 09 Nov 2008

An article comparing the two in various tests click here. Conclusions click here. G

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