Decent deals at PC World?

  Euan79 18:52 13 Feb 2005

Have been surprised by the decent deals being offered by PC World on some machines just now. Best deals look to be on a couple of Compaq machines, so was wondering if anyone has had any experience with Compaq machines from PC World recently?

Models that I've been looking at are the SR1340 (AMD 3200+, 200GB hd, 1GB RAM, 128Mb ATI X300, 17" TFT Monitor) for £849, or the SR1360 (P4 3.2Ghz, 1GB RAM, 250GB hd, 256Mb Geforce 6600 graphics, 17" TFT monitor) for £999.

Thought that on value for money terms they looked comparable to machines from the likes of Evesham and MESH.

Any thoughts appreciated.

  HXP 23:00 13 Feb 2005

The only way to bottom this one out is to get the exact spec from PC world and build the same machine using the configure option on the website.

Price differnces can be due to

Motherboards cheapest £50 v dearest £100
Soundcards onboard or sep card
Software supplied
Not all 17 TFT's are the same quality
Warranty offered
memory speed

There are some good deals at PC world but I have always found better spec machines from Evesham,the ex Carrera and the best buys in PC mags etc

Prob the bext bet is to look at the recommended machines on PC advisor and pick their best buy at the price point you choose.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:25 14 Feb 2005

For the vast majority of people the computers that PCW sell are more than adequate. The main advantage is that you can buy them off the shelf. Compaq computers are excellent machines as are the Emachine range; I have bought many of these for estate agents and they are no problem at all. I also bought my current computer (Medion) from PCW but the monitor came fro elsewhere.


  961 10:26 14 Feb 2005

I'm coming round to the view that PCWorld can be a good idea.

For a start you get the thing carriage free whereas mail order often adds up to £50 to the advertised price

2nd, you get to take it home yourself, carefully, unlike some Friday afternoon deliveries

3rd, I've always found when buying from them that if you don't like the monitor with the system you can either not have it or pick another with the appropriate price adjustment

And finally if it doesn't work you are not into the hassle of help lines and waiting for the carrier to call and all the rest you can see in loads of threads here (Don't open the software till you are happy with the machine)

Pay by credit card and don't buy extended warranty

I've bought several systems from PCWorld. They've all worked and kept on doing so

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:42 14 Feb 2005

Further to 961's not buy the extended warranty, do not buy the AV and firewall as there are many free ones available, post here for details or do a search, do not buy the surge can buy as good, if not better for much cheaper. the few items that I have had to take back to PCW have always been dealt with courteously and efficiently but I am always polite and do not go in with all guns blazing ;-))

I must have bought over 45 laptops and computers from PCW (not all for myself I hasten to add) with no problems at all and find the staff much better than the cringingly smug bunch of baboons working in the independent shops around this area;-)))


  Euan79 21:07 14 Feb 2005

Thanks for the comments.

I think that 961 has really hit the nail on the head with regards to why I'm starting to think PC World is the best option. After hearing some of the horror stories in forums such as this one (which I know only affects a very small proportion of buyers), I've warmed to the idea of simply being able to go to the shop knowing exactly what I want and driving off home with it.

  Al94 21:14 14 Feb 2005

Trust Gandalf to tell it exactly like it is!!! I agree 100% - particularly from my experiences with emachines. Incidentally, they are doing an entry level one at the moment with tft monitor for around £399.

  wee eddie 11:43 15 Feb 2005

I am a normally supporter of PCW and use it most of the time.

However, I would advocate doing a little "On-line" research first, as like every supermarket, they have Loss Leaders to draw you in and some of other items are not exactly competitively priced.

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