Deceived I feel by Nuance

  Yorkshire tyke 17:49 14 Dec 2008

I am a new member here but feel I ought to tell this as a precautionary story to everyone. I am disabled, so use and have used for many years the Via voice and latterly Dragon naturally speaking software made by Nuance. They advertised their version 10 as wonderful and I bought it from the UK office direct on the `phone and paid for it by credit card. In the first few days I found there were difficulties and asked for the technical help offered by e mail. For 2 months almost I struggled and did all sorts to try and make this programme work but to no avail.

Eventually the technical people said I would be better off going back to my old version 9 which I have done (no probs there). So I thought at least I would ask for a refund as they themselves had said this new software was NOT working.

I asked for a refund of my money £150-00 and was told as the 30 day refund time had passed that was refused!! How cynical that this firm knew I was struggling from about day 10 and simply watched as my refund time elapsed. I shall NEVER buy one of their products again. I feel I have been deceived and cheated by this firm.

  Pamy 18:08 14 Dec 2008

contact consumer direct for advice click here

  spuds 23:13 14 Dec 2008

Depending on how long you have had the item, and whether you have records (emails) that Nuance knew you were having problems within the refund period, or Nuance actually stated the new software was not working.Then do as Pamy suggested and contact Consumer Direct, with a further suggestion from me to contact your credit card company for assistance.

  Forum Editor 10:53 15 Dec 2008

to accuse the company of deception - which is a serious allegation - and of cheating you.

If a product is not fit for its purpose under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act you are entitled to reject it, and ask for a full refund. The problem with software is that once you have opened the pack and installed it the company has no way of knowing that you're not simply going to use it and still ask for a refund - you have after all installed a licenced copy on your computer.

If the company has admitted to you that there's something wrong with its software the situation changes - then you have an absolute right to expect a refund because the software is faulty.

I agree with spuds that if the company isn't prepared to discuss the matter with you it may be advisable to talk to your card company.

  Yorkshire tyke 11:08 15 Dec 2008

I was told by their own Technical help people to revert to the old version as this would not work for me. I have that in writing and printed out 55 pages of A4 which was all the things they told me to do. Nuance have now told me 3 times that they are refusing me a refund.Nuance know if you are running their product as you have to get a "Product key" etc to run it and I am quite willing to return this software. Also they will have on record me deleting the new software and installing the old software as it again needed a "product key" to reactivate it.

I have taken your advice everyone and am writing to my Credit card company. The consumer people were terrific with their support.

I will keep you updated as to my progress
Yorkshire Tyke :)

  Yorkshire tyke 12:28 15 Dec 2008

Update here, I was wrong about the price it was £84-90 not £150, However I popped this at the TV programme "Working lunch and they want to interview me on Monday with regard to this. Having a BIG consumer splash -- -will keep you updated

  wee eddie 12:57 15 Dec 2008

that the reason that Version 10 is unsuitable for you is that your PC is underspecified for the job?

  Yorkshire tyke 14:16 15 Dec 2008

I sent the computer spec to the techies in the UK and they were more than happy with it - --I have 55 pages of things I have done to make this work and eventually the Nuance tech people said revert back to your old system- - -all printed out and everything.

I have just written and e mailed them also to assert my consumer rights under the 1079 act.

  Yorkshire tyke 14:17 15 Dec 2008

sorry thats 1979 consumer act

  Yorkshire tyke 11:26 14 Jan 2009

I eventually after 6 requests and asserting the 1979 act got an OK for a refund for my goods. I also asked for the postage which was £8-21 recorded delivery and was told it usually took 5-7 days for my refund to happen. I sent the goods back on the 19th December last year and then they wanted my IBAN and I think it was SWIFT references to my bank which I did immediately.

I still have no refund money and e mailed them y`day but no response. I know its been the Christmas and New Year period but I now wonder if I shall ever see a refund of my money.

I certainly will never deal with this company again

  MAJ 11:38 14 Jan 2009

They have up to 30 days to send your refund, Yorkshire tyke, so hang on a little longer. Good luck.

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