Debit card payment without pin

  ICF 11:02 05 Feb 2012

Just been to Liverpool airport short stay car park.On third floor there was no option to pay by cash only by card.I put in my card and then noticed there wasn't a keypad to in put my pin. The machine took payment without the pin how can this be possible?

  wiz-king 15:22 05 Feb 2012

The handling fee goes up for unsecured payments - so the car-park makes less money per transaction - but still enough to make a profit!

  spuds 16:46 05 Feb 2012

If you are in doubt, then contact your card provider for further details.

One of our local outlets have recently changed some of their machines, and it leading to all sorts of confusion.

  ICF 17:53 05 Feb 2012

Just wondered if anybody else had paid for car parking at Liverpool and experienced the same.

Is it possible to obtain money from my bank account via my debit card without the input of my pin?

  iscanut 20:49 05 Feb 2012

Think about on line purchases. No PIN is needed but they do ask for the 3 digit security number. Is this encoded on the card somehow ?

  morddwyd 21:34 05 Feb 2012

The pin is simply an anti fraud device.

Even if someone used a stolen card to pay parking charges, the car park would almost certainly be well covered with CCTV, making them not too difficult to trace.

  frybluff 21:41 05 Feb 2012

No! A lot of transactions ask for your address, as security, and/or a verification code (depending on your bank), but debit card security, and protection are pretty thin. I think VISA is the only card that offers any real protection, like a credit card. I tend to use a pre-paid credit card online, unless I know (and trust) the site I'm dealing with, for small transactions. It's about the safest way (worth the 3% handling charge).

  BRYNIT 00:27 06 Feb 2012

I think due to the small amount of the transaction they will not loose much money if a stolen card was used.

When I have used a Debit or Credit card in a car park I have never had to use my pin number.

  ICF 07:19 06 Feb 2012

Cheers everybody. This is the first time I have encountered this method of payment at a car park there is usually a cash option.

  interzone55 10:22 06 Feb 2012

The payment machines in Shudehill bus station car park in Manchester are the same - I use the car park a lot and have never had a problem, although the payments seem to take a couple of extra days before they show on my account.

  ICF 10:32 06 Feb 2012

Alan14 Cheers thats good to know

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