debit card fraud in Sweden

  mikey_the_fish 09:41 10 Jul 2004


I was looking over my bank statements when I noticed that £466 had been debited from my bank account to a company (click here) based in Sweden. This certainly wasn't me. I have a debit card, not a credit card unfortunately.

The bank usually lets me know when something of that amount goes out and especially if its used abroad but it hasn't, hence the reason I've only recently found out.

I am 99% sure my card details were not obtained online.

What could I do about it? I will go to the bank this morning but I doubt they will do much about it.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:44 10 Jul 2004

Trust me, the Bank will sort it out.


  mikey_the_fish 10:01 10 Jul 2004

Well, we'll see but I highly doubt I will see any of that hard earned money back...

That would have paid for a decent holiday to the seaside :)

  georgemac 12:32 10 Jul 2004

if it has been taken from your bank fraudulently or by mistake, you will get it back. Depending on the type of debit card you have, a lot of them cannot be used abroad anyway. Don't know about Sweden but Switch cannot be used in Spain.

Just go to the bank and give them the details, they will check it out.

  mikey_the_fish 12:56 10 Jul 2004

Thanks for your replies.

I have been to the bank and reported it, have cancelled the card, they reported it to the fraud squad, and said they need a ref number from the police.

Off to the police I go but they are not happy with the details and need to speak to the bank again...... so am still waiting.

The company the card was used for have emailed me (in English) and have said they would give details of the purchase if they are contacted by police.

I asked the bank the likelihood of getting my money back and they told me that if they are caught and prosecuted then I would but didn't say much if they weren't...

  spuds 16:00 10 Jul 2004

Two things that I would suggest.[If you haven't already done so]. Ask the police for a crime reference number. You have reported a crime, and all police reports have a 'crime' reference number, which you will need for future use.This is your, the bank's and the police's safeguard.Whilst the police make further enquiries, this will be logged to a crime reference number. Secondly, I would re-contact the Swedish company, and ask for a detailed reply, as to the charge's and goods/service that they have made via your debit card. If they refuse to supply this information, then ask your bank for further guidance and assistance.

  mikey_the_fish 16:06 10 Jul 2004

Thanks spuds, I have asked the police for a ref number but they say the bank hasn't given them enough info for them to report it as a crime, so have to wait for the bank to cooperate...

I will let you guys know how things turn out!

  wee eddie 16:23 10 Jul 2004

You have reported a Crime.

The fact that you have reported it will be enough to create a Crime Reference Number, the bank's comments on whether it is a crime or not, do not affect the issuing of a Reference Number.

  mikey_the_fish 16:26 10 Jul 2004

The officer I saw says that she wasn't prepared to file a report based on that information alone. Odd but true.

  spuds 21:53 10 Jul 2004

A Crime Reference number can be supplied for a supposedly lost giro cheque, supposedly lost bicycle or anything that a suspected crime as been commited or suggested. The officer that you saw, whether that was a police officer or civilian front desk enquiry officer was not complying with your request.Trust me, Iknow!!.

The bank and possibly any insurance company will request a crime reference number, so as to confirm that you have reported an incident to the appropriate authority [ie police].The bank in turn, will make their own enquiries and follow their own procedures if fraud is evident.

  mikey_the_fish 17:45 11 Jul 2004

Thats what I thought but this police woman that I saw says she cannot give a crime reference number just by going on what I said, so says she will have to get more details from the bank before she can proceed, holding up the whole situation.

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