dear o dear

  jeez 09:34 11 May 2003

Whilst I understand the need for deleting or locking offensive threads, why do 'debating' threads get locked or deleted so often. PCA invites you to air your grievences in this forum then excpects no debate or conflicting responses, - let's just delete what we don't agree with, eh?

Oh, shoot! where's my online tax return gone!

  powerless 10:00 11 May 2003

Where they do that?

  Magik™ 10:54 11 May 2003

I guess they dont want it to turn into an all out war, like what it use to in the days of the HH...............

oh yes, i remember it well.

  Goldcroft 11:29 11 May 2003

Do feel sometimes that threads get locked unnecessarily and too quickly. Usually "the exchange of views" is between people who are very capable of looking after themselves and no worse than debates on radio or TV. Bad language, racism, sexism, abuse cannot be tolerated, of course and there have been quite a few threads where the originators/contributors are quite clearly under the influence of something. Stop those by all means.

  3Toed 11:59 11 May 2003

It is a sad fact,that a minority of people in the forum seem to insist on trying there level to put people down,and i can understand why the 'brakes'have to be applied.May i make a suggestion to those people(some of which have a genuine passion for there point of view-some dont)Step back a little,dont get too involved,go for a break,or maybe even a smoke if you smoke.Quite often a small break from the sometimes 'intense'(-use this loosely)forum helps you to calm down and re-focus on the points being made.Happy bunnies will then abound ;-)

  Forum Editor 14:21 11 May 2003

If we did that I would be deleting this thread wouldn't I? It's odd how some people have selective understanding when it comes to the way the forum works.

This isn't a chat forum - we make that quite clear in the site policy notes - although many threads do involve an element of debate in that there's an exchange of views.

What often happens is that an innocent exchange degenerates into bickering, and people start trying to score points against each other with all thoughts of the original topic gone. We will not permit this to happen, and when we spot such threads they'll be stopped, or have the offending posts removed without warning or explanation.

That's the way we run our forum - and it's why it has prospered. If you want chat threads, or rambling discussions on obscure topics there are a million forums out there. Most of them end up being riddled with abuse, profanity, and inane banter. That isn't going to happen here - we are here to provide support, both of a technical and consumer advice nature, and that's what we do best.

Discussion about specific consumer issues is fine - that's what people come here for - so let's stick to it.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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