Dead Pixels is it still as common?

  Pooke100 23:11 02 May 2005

My first TFT suffered from power problems but never had any dead pixels. The replacement from the warranty is what I have now, it always had one black (dead) pixel at the bottom left and I've noticed another at the top of the screen stuck on white. I used one of those programs and now I know where the are they kinda jump out at me :(

Do you lot suffer in silence or are all the little dots in your screens alive and kicking??

  Pooke100 23:13 02 May 2005

I'm actually thinking of picking up a flat screen CRT for ninety quid from PC World/Currys, both do them.

  freaky 11:06 03 May 2005

Unfortunately TFT makers are allowed to pass quality control if the number of dead pixels is below (I think) 4!

  Joe R 11:45 03 May 2005


I have said for years, that I wouldn't but a TFT panel, because I didn't believe the quality came close to that of a CRT.

Since then (humble pie eaten)I purchased this screen, click here
And have to admit that I was oh so wrong. The picture quality is superb, it is less strain on the eyes, and has no dead pixels whatsoever.

  pauldonovan 12:59 03 May 2005

has 1 dead pixel. I've been through this with a laptop and the manufacturers stick by their policy (although you don't know about it until you buy!) that it is 'acceptable' and otherwise they'd have to charge more for each one if they only sold perfect ones.

Seems a bit odd logic to me, but as mine is rarely noticable i'm living with it. If it was 2 or 3 prominent ones i'd probably have kicked up a fuss by now.

I'd say it is as common as ever before, to my knowledge nothing has changed about this.

  Totally-braindead 13:13 03 May 2005

I'll be interested to see if there is a consensus on this question. I can't say if its as common as it was before because I've no idea how many TFTs came with a dead pixel or two when they first came out and how common it is now. The only thing I can say is one of my mates bought one about a year and a half ago and it has one dead pixel bottom right, you can't even notice it unless you look for it. I bought my TFT at the beginning of the year and although its a cheap one it has no dead pixels. Another mate of mine bought a Dell one about two months ago and again no dead pixels.
So looking at that it may appear its less common but maybe we've just been lucky.

  Hunte® 13:17 03 May 2005

AIUI the class B 'dead' pixel specifications allow for a certain number of dead sub pixels per screen (dependant on the resolution). It doesn't allow and fully dead pixels and as such a screen with fully dead pixels should be rejected.

To tell a dead pixel from a dead sub pixel just look at the colour. Dead pixels are either black or white. Sub pixels are red, green or blue.

Of course the monitor manufacturer might have the screens listed using a different class, or may choose a different amount of dead sub pixels than the class specifies.

I would advise getting the screen replaced again under warranty as you have 2 dead pixels.

  Pooke100 14:27 03 May 2005

click here and then click support.

I have the 17 inch model, and I don't think I could exchange and even then it says "It is possible that any replacement display may also have some non-performing sub-pixels. This should be considered when requesting a warranty exchange."

I was curious to see if anyone else was suffering this, my brother has a dell value TFT 15 inch and it's perfect!

My friends CRT is absolutely filthy and has loads of crap stuck to the glass, lol!!

  freaky 16:10 03 May 2005

My wife and I both have Iiyama Pro-Lite 17" TFT's for our respective PC's. She has a black almost circula 'splodge'about 6mm in diameter towards the bottom left of the screen on her's. It is only noticeable against a dark blue background. I contacted Iiyama and they said that the screen must have received a knock, and they would not replace it under the warranty. They said to contact the supplier. We did not bother because it was not noticable apart from the above colour background. Mine is 100% OK.

  six-h 17:36 03 May 2005

my first, a tevion 15" ,18 months ago had 1 white spot almost dead centre, I used it for 6 months, and took it back to ALDI for replacement with a larger and absolutely perfect medion 17" I am not an expert, and some may look down their noses at the perceived quality of my screen, but I think its the mutt's nuts!, but I'm sold on ALDI value and quality.

  Simsy 17:51 03 May 2005

I move about a lot during the day/week. I may be using 3 or 4 different computers at a time, with different screens. During the course of a day/week/month I work in different rooms in the building and have reason to use about 50 different screens.

Over the past few years they have been changed such that all are TFTs, all 18" or bigger.

I don't believe we have any thta have suffered with dead pixels, though i do recall a couple of focus issues.

It seems to me that the issue is a rare one, though of course that doesn't diminish it's significance when it does appear!



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