Dead Pixels???

  [email protected] 18:56 26 Jan 2005

I ordered a Iiyama E435S on the last day of the £199 offer at PC world (in store) and received it last Saturday (22nd).

Knowing the risks of dead pixels, the first thing I did when I had set it up was to open up Powerpoint and have a slide with a completely white background. I scanned across the screen and to my delight, there wasn't a dead pixel to be seen.

I then made the slide completely black. At first glance, all seemed well but when when I looked closer, there are lots of different colour pixels scattered amongst the black ones (by lots I mean far too many to count - more than 100). Most of them are a bright green colour, others being red and blue.

With further testing, I have noticed that they appear on any dark colour, but what baffles me is that on a light colour (such as this forum) all pixels are the correct colour!

I don't really notice them but I'm not sure whether to get concerned or not in case it's a clue of what's to come in the future.

What would your advice be?

Many thanks, Dave

  jack 19:58 26 Jan 2005

If they are showing a colour they cannot be 'dead'
If one thinks about what goes on, when a screen illuminates[be it CRT or TFT]
White is 'All Colours ON'

Black is 'All colours OFF'

All tones and shades are the rapid switching between 5 modes
All on

All Off

RGB On/Off as appropriate

Therefore a few colours remaining on in the 'Off'
mode may not be the screen at all but some kind of data transfer or interference from the computer.
The way to find out is to try the screen on another computer.
You may get another kind of result.

  [email protected] 22:18 26 Jan 2005

I have already tried it on another computer and the 'dots' are still there.

On some of the sites I have looked at regarding faulty pixels, they mention a certain fault of a pixel as 'always lit'. Could this be what I am experiencing?

The regulations of this type of fault are stricter than the other 'more common' fault of a pixel showing the same colour regardless of what it should be which is why I am so surprised that I have so many!

Also, I am using a analogue cable at the moment. I bought a DVI one today from my local computer shop but it didn't fit. They said it does not use the standard DVI but DVI-D (which according to them is unusual?) so I am waiting until Friday for that cable to see if it solves anything. Could it?

Thanks, Dave

  jack 08:36 27 Jan 2005

In that case perhaps you do have a problem screen
Before humping it back try the Iyama site, see if they come up with anything you will than be armed with 'Evidence' if you feel the need to take it back.

  wee eddie 09:55 27 Jan 2005


Is the display set to operate at it's optimum resolution?

How many colours are you using?

I have 1 "Always on pixel", you would not need further examination to discover it. It stands out bright and proud. The nature of these screens mean that black is never pure black, a sort of dark grey, and white is never pure white, a sort of very light grey because of the space between the pixels.

  [email protected] 15:32 27 Jan 2005

It is set to 1280 x 1024 - it's optimal resolution with colour set to high with a 60Hz refresh rate.

I know what you mean about "I have 1 "Always on pixel", you would not need further examination to discover it. It stands out bright and proud." as the monitor I got for Christmas had a bright purple one. This one is different in the fact that it is fine when showing a light colour but only shows the scatter of green dots when it is meant to show dark colours.

jack, I shall inform Iiyama of the problem and see what they have to say.

Thanks for the advice


  freaky 18:20 27 Jan 2005

[email protected]

I have a Iiyma Prolite E435S same as you, try the following before you contact Iiyama: -

(a) Ensure the display resolution is set at default of 1280 x 1024.

(b) Give it 30 minutes to warm up.

(c) Press the Auto/Exit button on the front, this will refresh the crystals.

You are supposed to this when you first install it, could be that you have not done so.

It does mention this in the Manual.

  24bitkid 23:09 27 Jan 2005

It is faulty. Send it back.

  JonnyTub 23:26 27 Jan 2005

24bitkid, i'll echo that response ;-)

  [email protected] 23:58 27 Jan 2005

It is set to the native resolution: 1280 x 1024 and I have used the auto button but it has no effect on the problem.

24bitkid and Jonny Tub, thanks for the advice, It's reassuring to know that it should go back and that I am not being too picky about it.

Many Thanks,


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