Dead pixels

  Iceman1978 01:05 27 Aug 2004

Ive read many items that state manufacturers say a lcd has to have 3 or more dead pixels to be classed as defective. To me 1 dead pixel = (a faulty product) which you should be within your rights to request a full refund or replacement. I expect a new product that ive bought to be 100% free from any defects. 1 dead pixel is too far as im concerned. I have not had this misfortune myself. just fancied a rant as I think its not on.

  Forum Editor 07:23 27 Aug 2004

you'll find that manufacturers will say that a screen has to have more than 3 dead pixels to be classed as defective - in fact I think it's as many as 6 or 7, although I haven't checked recently. You certainly wouldn't be able to claim a refund for a screen with a couple of duds.

In practice you'll be very unlucky of you get a screen with this many, and nine times out of ten there won't be any at all. Manufacturing techniques are improving all the time, and it's been a while since I saw a new TFT screen with any more than one dud pixel.

  Q-Bie 07:26 27 Aug 2004

Most manufacturers manufacture TFTs to meet the ISO 13406-2 guidelines. In fact iiyama even list it on their site as their dead pixel guidelines.

click here

  961 11:25 27 Aug 2004

If you search this site you will find a thread running to many pages about this problem

My own view is that there are still many valid reasons for sticking with crt for the time being, both for visual performance and speed, but also for the problems that you describe

It is also a reasonable idea to buy from the High Street and to seek to inspect the display before agreeing to buy

  diesel84 11:30 27 Aug 2004

Dead pixels are a problem for some people but to be honest its the luck of the draw, some screens will never have one yet another brand new could have 2 or 3. It can be anoying but if your that concerned about it dont buy a TFT get yourself a CRT screen. The way that the technology works and how they are made makes it impossible to rectify them so best of luck if your looking at buying one and I hope you dont get unlucky. Also always check with the manufacturer before you buy as to what there policy is because it does vary.

  Dorsai 19:57 27 Aug 2004

I tried to search the WWW to see if there is a legal standpoint. I failed. i could not find a legal test case, in which a buyer bought a screen, and sued because of a dead pixel, and either lost or won.

All i can think of is that if i bought an inkjet printer and it had a dead nozzel, and i could tell this as the prints produced allowed me see it, i would want it replaced.

But we just have had 9 new 17" TFT screens at work, and not a dead pixel to be seen.

Perhaps ask at the shop if you can see it working. if they say no, say you wont buy it till you can.

  citadel 20:56 27 Aug 2004

if you buy a grade 1 it has no dead pixels.

  Forum Editor 00:02 28 Aug 2004

for TFT screens - see Q-Bie's post. Most TFT screens currently on the market are what are called Class II displays, and they conform to the standards laid down by ISO 13406-2 (Class II).

Check out the link that Q-Bie gave you - it's all explained there.

  harps1h 10:34 28 Aug 2004

i have a ag neovo 19" tft and the policy is 5 dead pixel with a 2 year swap warrenty.

fortunately it was delivered with none in april and hasn't developed any.(touch wood)

  xthedarkx 18:14 03 Sep 2004

I know it can be annoying and some retailers are looking at it on a case by case situation. A single dead pixel 1/4 " in from a side is likely to not be called faulty where as a bright white single dead pixel in the centre of the screen is. This may not be what a lot of people would want to hear but its the way things are. Yes Q-Bies link is correct and if retailers stuck to those guidelines then a lot less would get swapped. If you are not happy with the chances that you take then stick with CRT.

  Sibbo 01:11 04 Sep 2004

I have an Eizo TFT and it has developed a "dark triangle" in one of the corners which is annoying me (I wish I could post a jpg of it here so that you could see it). Are these classed as dead pixels?

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