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DDR3 Dual Channel?

  Joseph Kerr 15:02 12 Feb 2010

Hi all.

I'm looking at a Dell machine and have had a quote for a machine with single channel DDR3 RAM. Dual channel is DDR3 is not an option on that machine.

Will that make much differene?

  Joseph Kerr 16:30 12 Feb 2010

no, my needs are basic - the OS will probably the most graphically intensive thing i run apart from youtube! and there would be a separate graphics card.

thanks for that.

  GaT7 18:14 12 Feb 2010

"Will that make much differene?"

Like Wwiw says, for your needs, no.

But that's a strange one. Can you post a link to this PC please? G

P.S. I remember your previous thread click here

  Joseph Kerr 18:17 12 Feb 2010

click here

I chose the cheapest Vostro then upgraded from there.

  GaT7 18:30 12 Feb 2010

Right, I can see why some are single-channel - they are PCs/configurations with a single RAM module, which is understandable. And if you choose upgrades with 2 or more RAM modules, you'll get dual-channel.

However, there are also some PCs there with single-channel no matter what RAM configuration one chooses! I'm sure this is a typo/error on their website.

As usual their graphics cards upgrades a way over-priced - a 1Gb GT240 for £160 extra(!?), when these cards are less than half that price in reality click here. G

  Joseph Kerr 18:49 12 Feb 2010

I'd just get the standard graphics card, it has the connections i need. I'd probably get 4gig of RAM in a 64bit system. I could go further but how much more can it take? And where do you draw teh line anyway.

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