Dazzle DVC 90

  alan227 19:53 25 Mar 2006

I have just brought this total piece of crap of e-buyer.
It had a glowing report on there site saying how easy it was to use, I could not get it to work and after going onto the dazzle forum it appears that those who have got it to work are in the minority.
When I pay £40 for a product I expect it to work.
Now at my own expense I have to return it for a refund, losing P & P both ways.

If you want to get your old VHS tapes to DVD do not buy this product.

  alan227 22:12 25 Mar 2006

I did ask for help in the forum and was told to disable the sound to get it working, but I was not after silent movies.
For £49.21p, I expect it to work, not to have to jump through hoops to try to get a silent movie.

  alan227 19:28 27 Mar 2006

pj123, I did not buy the wrong product, at least according to there sales blurb.

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