Dazzle DVC 90

  alan227 19:53 25 Mar 2006

I have just brought this total piece of crap of e-buyer.
It had a glowing report on there site saying how easy it was to use, I could not get it to work and after going onto the dazzle forum it appears that those who have got it to work are in the minority.
When I pay £40 for a product I expect it to work.
Now at my own expense I have to return it for a refund, losing P & P both ways.

If you want to get your old VHS tapes to DVD do not buy this product.

  SG Atlantis® 20:45 25 Mar 2006

Before you send it back, ask for help in the help forum to get it going.

  hzhzhz 21:44 25 Mar 2006

Not a very good review from click here

  alan227 22:12 25 Mar 2006

I did ask for help in the forum and was told to disable the sound to get it working, but I was not after silent movies.
For £49.21p, I expect it to work, not to have to jump through hoops to try to get a silent movie.

  €dstowe 07:47 26 Mar 2006

I've never thought much of Dazzle products - even less now they've been taken over by another much over-hyped company - Pinnacle.

My Dazzle Hollywood converter which I had when I first started video work certainly didn't dazzle - it hardly glimmered.

  bukwurm 17:16 26 Mar 2006

I run my Dazzle DVC 90 through Nerovision Express 2 and have had good results

  pj123 12:26 27 Mar 2006

I may be totally wrong here but have you bought the wrong product?

Dazzle DV (I assume DV means Digital Video) VHS is analogue!

I have the Dazzle Fusion unit to transfer my VHS tapes to DVD and don't have any problems (apart from the amount of time it takes, 7 hours to get a 3 hour tape on to DVD.)

I also have a DVD recorder which is so much better and easier and also works in real time.
The snag with the DVD recorder is, mine does not have a hard disk so I can't edit.

Dazzle Fusion: click here

DVD Recorder (the one I have): click here

  pj123 12:29 27 Mar 2006

PS. Should also have said I don't use the Pinnacle Software that came with the Dazzle Fusion. I use Sonic MyDVD or Ulead Moviefactory 4.

  alan227 19:28 27 Mar 2006

pj123, I did not buy the wrong product, at least according to there sales blurb.

click here

  Starfox 23:33 27 Mar 2006

To be honest even if you did get it to work you would be sorely dissapointed with the results.To transfer a 3 hour vhs tape to dvd via your pc will take up to 7 hours,pathetically slow.

I tried various methods of transfering tape to disc and finished up buying a separate standalone combined dvd and vhs recorder fron Comet for £150,well worth it in my opinion,these dazzle products are next to useless.Sorry to be a killjoy but that is how I found things to be.

  pj123 11:22 28 Mar 2006

My apologies, alan227. I stand corrected.

I don't use my Dazzle unit anymore now. I tend to use the standalone DVD recorder which works in real time.

My next step is to swap it in for a DVD recorder with a hard disk drive, when and if the prices come down a bit more. Which they surely will, won't they?

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