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  Smegs 00:06 07 Dec 2004

I have been reading through some of the threads, to do with MESH.

I am thinking of buying a new PC in the new year, IF I buy a MESH, and IF anything goes wrong with that PC, I will NOT be ringing Mesh support. I will be getting in touch with this man.

Hats off to Davey, for being part of this Forum. He seem to have problems thrown at him, and he gets that problem sorted. It's about time someone got some CREDIT.

Davey, Merry Christmas to you and the Family.

And everybody else on the Forum.

  plsndrs3 08:44 07 Dec 2004

I don't own a Mesh myself, but I have realised that Davey is the man to ask for help for anyone who has one. This guy never seems to sleep and is on the case as soon as possible and seems to go out of his way to help sort out any issues - even posting over weekends saying he'll look into this on Monday when he returns to work.

A credit to the company and seems lke the kind of guy who takes pride and care in his work.

A virtual drink to you, sir!


  Smegs 13:09 07 Dec 2004

I was begining to think, I was the only one to think that way.

  plsndrs3 13:35 07 Dec 2004

I am surprised - I thought some of those he helped would have posted to say thanks to Davey - maybe they are all enjoying their PCs to much :o)

Or maybe it is the fcat that Good news never travels as far or fast as bad news ......


  plsndrs3 13:43 07 Dec 2004

fcat = fact [MUST use that spellchecker! - lol]

  Smegs 13:56 07 Dec 2004

Totally agree. People are ready to jump down peoples throats, but when it comes to saying "THANKYOU", people seem to forget.

  plsndrs3 14:07 07 Dec 2004

It always makes me smile to read postings that start along the lines of 'Mesh doesn't care - never use them' and then Davey resolves it. I have often wondered how many of the people who have posted would like to change the title once the problem has been resolved.

I don't know what they pay the guy, but it must be peanuts compared to the goodwill he brings the company, especially after turning round an issue. I even saw Davey post to a thread about Xbox conversions!

Elsewhere [on Speakers Corner] there is a posting complaining about what is included in the magazine. Why don't PCA to a focus on this guy, what he does, what his duties and so on are? Would be good publicity for the forum and might encourage other companies who maintain no presence on the forum to reconsider their decision?

Just my view.


  Roy* 14:15 07 Dec 2004

I sent an email to Davey and he replied within an hour and got the tech support team to contact me on the same day to start diagnosing my problem. Full credit to Davey bridging the gap in the process. Although I suspect that his bosses probably don't appreciate the approach as it may not follow the established process.

However until my concern is resolved I shouldn't really give judgement. Anyway Davey has certainly done his part and provided true customer service.

  rômanab 14:19 07 Dec 2004

I have a Mesh and think their service is good anyway but knowing Davey is on here ready to step in if there is a problem is very reassuring and means I would always choose a Mesh system and will always recommend them to anyone who asks.

Well done Davey and a merry christmas from me too :o)

  rogertjj 15:28 07 Dec 2004

Could not agree more. I bought a Mesh nearly 2 years ago and have had no problems, and subsequently recommended them to my Dad.

He had a few problems, but after emailing Davey, everything was sorted out, and sorted out quickly as well.

How many other companies offer the same service ??

Well done Davey, I wonder is the big bosses at Mesh realise how valuable he is ?

Merry Christmas :)

  Rigga 20:29 07 Dec 2004

Couldn't agree more, had my Mesh for 9 months now, and the main reason I chose Mesh over another company was down to the presence of Davey on this forum. It was quite reassuring that if the standard email support failed (I would personally never use phone support it's too expensive), he would be there to help.

Full marks to Davey, and whatever they pay him, I don't think it's enough considering the good he does for Mesh's reputation, and for their customers.

Best wishes to Davey and family, for the festive period.


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