Up to date CEO Address First Direct

  morddwyd 10:00 02 Apr 2017

Anybody have an up to date address for the CEO at First Direct?

The one on the published CEO list, [email protected], is coming back as "Deliverable"

  rickf 20:44 02 Apr 2017

It says "Deliverable" so what is the problem?

  Forum Editor 22:29 02 Apr 2017


Morddwyd obviously meant to type 'Undeliverable'.

  Forum Editor 22:29 02 Apr 2017

Why don't you contact the company and just ask for the correct address?

  morddwyd 19:59 03 Apr 2017


That is possible a solution, but experience shows that they tend to direct one to Customer Services or a generic address.

As this is an escalation, to a more formal level, of a disability issue which Customer Services refuse to duscuss I want to make sure it goes to the right place.

In the ansebce of e-mail I will have to use Royal Mail Special Delivery, and I was hoping to avoid that!

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