Datawind Pocket Surfer 2

  mick7 22:00 29 Aug 2007

Has anyone any views on these websurfers, click here they seem (to me)impressive, and a free (20 MBs a month), fast, connection.

  Forum Editor 00:45 30 Aug 2007

a Nokia N800 click here

which I think has the edge over the Datawind in some respects, and costs about the same. The difference is that the Nokia needs a wireless network to be available in order to connect to the internet, but apart from that there are no extra costs.

Having looked at both devices I went for the Nokia, but the Datawind will certainly appeal to many. This is a market sector that will probably be quite active over the next year or so.

  Forum Editor 00:46 30 Aug 2007

that you can read our review of the Datawind if you click here

  techie4me 15:27 30 Aug 2007

I need something similar as well.
Mainly to list what I do each day & to add things I need to do later.
Did have a PDA Phone through work but got sick of it breaking so go rid of it.

What’s you opinion of the Nokia then Mr FE?

  Forum Editor 17:49 30 Aug 2007

It's very good. I've increased the file storage capacity to 4 Gigabytes, and I carry work files around on it (converted to PDFs). The email software works perfectly, as does the web browser. I have downloaded a nifty little word processor, so I can take notes using the on-screen keyboard and the built-in stylus - all very easy to use. I have also downloaded some new Skype software from the Nokia site, and that works perfectly too.

It connects to wireless networks extremely rapidly, and detects anything in range within a few seconds.

All in all it's a very useful little device, it slips easily into a shirt pocket and is beautifully made. It feels nice and solid, and looks very good. Battery life is superb. In my opinion it's well worth the money, and is indispensable for those occasions when I don't want to carry my laptop around.

  techie4me 18:10 30 Aug 2007

Cheers for that FE.
Have looked at them both now in detail, the price may be the thing that wins in the end, but the Nokia does look good and has a proven track record.

  mick7 20:36 30 Aug 2007

Is it possible to transfer the Datawind screen to, say , a TV. screen, (simmilar as with a camera). I also assume a firewall and antivirus would be needed.
It makes you think, if they can provide a fast internet service for next to nothing, can this same method not be used generally.

  keverne 21:23 18 Sep 2007

I'm wondering if the Datawind PocketSurfer will ever arrive.

Bitsub have now moved the delivery date to late October click here

Widget, who appear to be the retailer for Datawind, had quoted various dates with mid-September the latest. click here on the Buy Now option and you get 'No product Found'.

  mick7 22:57 20 Sep 2007

It is worth having a look at the datawind site and check the prices click here ripoff Britain strikes again.

  driscos 18:55 23 Aug 2008

My girl friend is self emplyed and wanted to be able to work from anywhere.

She doesn't earn a fortune, so the Blackberry was not an option.

She went for the pocket surfer beacuse of the large querty keyboard, the lack of monthly charges and the built in IM.

She might use the ability to get files off her laptop in the future.

We found some good info here:
click here

  Forum Editor 13:09 24 Aug 2008

for the perfect mobile internet device continues. My Nokia N800 is good, in fact it's very good. It looks beautiful, is small enough to slip in a pocket, and the build-quality is superb, but it relies on a wireless connection being available. It can store lots of files, and run a word processor, which is just what I need. It has a nifty email client, and renders web pages perfectly. If it wasn't for that wireless connection requirement it would fit the bill exactly.

My Asus EeePC runs Windows XP and Open Office. It uses a T-Mobile broadband adapter that enables me to access the web and deal with my email anywhere there's a phone signal. The problem is, it's slower than a slow thing on a slow day, and you couldn't have a pocket big enough for it if you tried. Portable it is, but only if you carry it in a case. I pay £15 a month for the broadband connection, but the word 'broadband' is a laugh - I've seen dial-up modems that work faster.

My trusty HP PDA can access the internet wirelessly, is fast, has MS Office applications, and loads of storage. I can use it for email, and it runs a familiar Windows Mobile interface. It looks good and will go in my shirt pocket (just), but there's that wireless internet requirement again.

The DataWind sounds ideal, because it's claimed to be fast, and although it can't store all my files it can remotely access them on my server. All I want is for someone to tell me that it works as well as the makers say it does, and I might take the plunge. Maybe I can persuade them to let me have one on extended trial - say two years? I want to see what happens when the free year of access runs out, and everyone has to start paying - will there be some new killer device by then that will make people drop their DataWind and go elsewhere?

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