dash cams

  sunnystaines 11:30 09 Feb 2015

I am sure there was a thread on what dash cams were recommended but cannot find it, so many on the market are poor quality. budget up to £50

  BT 17:27 09 Feb 2015

Recently bought one from Coopers of Stortford for £29.99. Picture quality is acceptable and recording times good, especially with a 32gb SD card.


  sunnystaines 17:38 09 Feb 2015


thanks does it loop record? how many hours would 32 sd card record?

  sunnystaines 04:18 10 Feb 2015

bt some good items on that web limk thanks, ordered one

  BT 08:59 10 Feb 2015


There's lots of info in the manual but basically it does loop record and can be set to various loop lengths.

Recording time on a 32gb SD card 160 mins in 1920x1080 - 480 mins in 1280x720.

You'll need to buy a card of course, I got a 32gb class 10 Kingston for £8.99 from 7Dayshop.

  HondaMan 12:20 10 Feb 2015

I had one very similar to that. Whilst the camera was OK, the suction cup broke after only a couple of weeks

  huntermeister 12:27 10 Feb 2015

I bought a G1WH-NTK96650 dashcam (generic chinese cam available on gearbest) out of curiosity/boredom and I've been pretty happy with it so far. The video quality is quite good, the mic is acceptable, and I found it quite easy to mount (it's pretty small and mounts easily on the windshield).

It only holds up to 32 G memory cards, but it will do 180 minutes at the 1080p setting (I think its actually closer to 960p, but I find the picture more than acceptable) or 450 minutes at 720p. My only real complaint is that it automatically loops the video footage whenever you change the loop video length, so you can't change them on the fly without recording over your previous footage.

For £31 (~£40 with the memory card), I'm happy with it overall.

  mole1944 18:41 10 Feb 2015

I purchased a Blackvue dashcam and the picture quality is full hd,not cheap but quality costs.Here is similar to mine click here

  cruiser2 20:02 18 Feb 2015

I have adash cam bought from Ipixie. It is attached in front of the mirror so that it is not visible when driving. Includes GPS and time and good pictured when played back on computer. Very good per and after sales. Even talked me through how to change the settings. There are different models mine was just over £200. I think it was a good buy.n

  sunnystaines 09:44 14 Mar 2015

when using a dash cam what do you do with the lead hanging down that goes to 12v socket, does it spoil your view, or do you ppin it around the windscreen.

  cruiser2 18:16 14 Mar 2015

From the camera, which is mounted behind the rear view mirror, the cable is wrapped round the arm supporting the mirror. It is then hidden behind the head lining, down the door pillar, underneath the glove box and under the cover at the side of the tunnel hosing the gear lever linkage. It then emerges a few inches to be plugged into the cigar lighter. There is only a few inches of cable visible at each end.#I did this myself. Only needed a screw driver to prise the lining away to put the cable behind it.

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