Damaged Media - Is this a cheap solution

  tbh72 20:38 17 Dec 2003

I received this envelope and it is promoting click here

I thought I would share this web address incase anyone finds it useful.


  Forum Editor 23:42 17 Dec 2003

This sounds like a good service - It'll be interesting to hear from anyone who has used it. One question that springs to mind is what happens if my valuable Microsoft Office CD won't work when it comes back?

  Jester2K II 09:50 18 Dec 2003

Hmmm. Why not pop into Dixons and buy a Skip Doctor?

£35 - I've already saved 1 PS2 game, 2 CDs, 1 DVD and 1 PC Game from the bin / replacement, so its already paid for itself.

Whilst their service would have cost me £15 so far it also adds the inconvenience of posting the disk off. The Skip Doctor is in my drawer so its immediately available, takes 4-5 mins to fix a disk and eventually it will save me more than this service.

Good idea but i won't be using it myself...

  Stuartli 16:33 18 Dec 2003

Rocky Mountain Traders - CD Repair Kit price

£10 inc. VAT
Rocky Mountain Traders: 020 7631 0707

(Polymer Polish and protective suface replacement bottles)

Also advice (from US) I found when looking up about using furniture polish or toothpaste (don't be surprised!):

CDs can get scratched to a point where the optics are affected by the surface of the CD. Actually, the plastic is a "protective" coating for the aluminum inside. Usually minor scratches on CDs can be removed if you are very careful. One way is to use a soft cotton ball and clean the CD. If that doesn't work, you can get an acrylic polish (Prist Acrylic, Plastic and Glass Cleaner (spray) PPG L555-A1-387A, Prist Plastic Polish (liquid), Fed Spec PP-560B) PPG -555B-1A-1187A or Micro-mesh Scratch Removal and Restoration Kit KR-70). Work from the center of the CD to the outside in straight lines. Don't work in circles!! The Prist and Micro-mesh products are intended for acrylic airplane canopies.
Practice on an "expendable" CD first. Getting used to using polishes can be a bit tricky and you need to acquire the "touch" before you attempt this on a valuable part of your music collection.

Use the acrylic liquid cleaner (e.g. Prist) and follow the instructions remembering to only clean from the center to the outside of the CD in single pass wiping motion. Don't spend any amount of time in one spot as the small amount of heat this can generate can distort the thin data metallization of the aluminum film inside. Then you may rinse the CD and dry it by using a dry soft towel. Don't wipe the CD!! Just pad it dry. Then, put it into the CD player so that it will spin and let it run that way for at least 20 minutes so that any moisture in the disc sandwich gets spun out. There won't be enough moisture to do damage to your player.

Finally, here's the furniture polish and/or toothpaste method (which is the one I've heard about before!):

click here

  Stuartli 16:34 18 Dec 2003

Sorry, forgot about the Vaseline...:-)

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