HondaMan 14:52 19 Nov 2008

Daisy is apparently a service provider. A friend of mine, who runs a pub, recently subscribed to Daisy, then she wanted broadband. Now her card machine won't work, her card company cannot hear her on the telephone, although she can hear them, she has no broadband - the router won't wotk and to top it all, it appears that Talk-Talk supply the broadband through Daisy. She is, needless to day fed up. So far this fiasco has cost her £500 in lost trade through having no card machine plus money in an attempt to resolve the problems.

I think she's going back to BT!

  The Brigadier 15:33 19 Nov 2008

Can be a problem when you change provider.

  Spark6 15:51 19 Nov 2008

Have just googled 'Daisy ISP', zilch re UK provider.

  HondaMan 15:53 19 Nov 2008

Can't be any worse than she has now!

  sebiven 17:39 19 Nov 2008

"Daisy is apparently a service provider"

Apparently not! Looking at their blurb it seems they are a reseller!

- click here - and - click here

  HondaMan 08:48 20 Nov 2008

Thanks all

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