DabsValue - good or bad?

  [DELETED] 17:53 26 Oct 2003

I'm looking into getting a 19" monitor on a VERY tight budget. On Dabs.com they do their DabsValue range of monitors which are a lot cheaper than everything else.

One of these is the 19" 0.25 PureFlat TCO03 at £119 inc VAT, which claims to support 1600x1200 at 75Hz and have a dot pitch of 0.21mm.

This sounds pretty good to me, but I don't know a huge amount about it. Any feedback about DabsValue or any suggestions? All help greatly appreciated.

  Stuartli 19:38 26 Oct 2003

dabs will be rebranding a manufacturer's product under its own name - by buying monitors, graphics cards etc in this way it can get them cheaper and pass on the savings to customers.

Rebranding is a major industry in itself in the computer world - the fun is spotting who is manufacturing what and who is rebranding it...:-)

The reason is simple. No one manufacturer or brand name can produce every product it sells, so it rebrands whatever is required from another company whether it's a digital camera or a blank CD-R pack.

  spuds 19:45 26 Oct 2003

You will find that DabsValue product are rebadged, and from some of the best known names.Check the normal Dabs catalogued product specifications, and from there you can usually decide which product matches near to DabsValue.

Be a little wary, and check, as to the warranty terms.

  [DELETED] 20:13 26 Oct 2003

It appears to be made by AOC, and its cheaper at microdirect

  [DELETED] 09:58 29 Oct 2003

I've found Dabs Value hardware good value and quality

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