Dabs.com / Parcel force NIGHTMARE!!

  anthonyl 12:53 31 Jan 2003

Just before christmas, I ordered a Mitsubishi 750 17in monitor and a new heatsink from dabs.com.

As the heatsink was in stock and the monitor was not, i chose to have the heatsink sent out to me first. it arrived within a few days, which was fine.

after waiting a while for the monitor to come in stock, it was sent out.

i was not in for a couple of days as parcel force tried to deliver - so they put the cards through the door saying when they would redeliver. eventually i became frustrated with missing parcel farce, and arranged to have it delivered to my local post office for the next day.

2 days later, it had not arrived. after ringing parcel farce several times, they said they would ring back . three times they did not.

eventually we went to the depot. they did not know where the parcel was. they had some investigators working on it. the next day, they rang us to inform us that the monitor was, in fact lost (possibly stolen). we were told to ring dabs.com, and arrange for them to send another one out, and for them to claim compensation through parcel farce.

we rang dabs.com on the 22 jan. we were told they would send another one out and email us when that had been done.

today, the 31st, we had heard nothing. we rang dabs.com again. after 35 minutes, we spoke to someone who told us the parcel had been signed for. we had signed Nothing at all. dabs have already charged us for the monitor i have never seen.

where do i stand?? what do i do now??

  jazzypop 13:17 31 Jan 2003

The first thing is to stay calm - not easy to do in the circumstances, but it will help your case no end if you can manage to explain your problem clearly and calmly to Dabs.

From what you have told us, your monitor has most likely been stolen. Probably by someone posing as yourself and signing for the monitor.

As dabs are confident that it has been signed for, it should be straightforward for that signature to be compared with yours, and for it to be clear that you (or your representative) have not signed for them

Your contract is with Dabs, not Parcelforce. Get back on to them, initially by phone. Keep a written record of conversations (time, date, name of contact etc), and confirm it in writing to Dabs at the earliest opportunity.

Dabs will obviously have to carry out further checks with Parcelforce, to satisfy themselves that you are not trying to defraud them, so it may (sadly) take a little longer to resolve.

You might like to suggest that they sell you another monitor, and refund the cost as soon as they are satisfied that you did not receive the first one - this will at least get you a monitor sooner.

If you do not get satisfaction from dabs fairly swiftly, I suggest contacting your credit card company. They will be very interested in a deduction being made from your account without goods being received.

  anthonyl 13:20 31 Jan 2003

i rang dabs.com today - they told me they had sent an email on the 22 of jan - in the email would be instructions for signature comparison (ie sending my passport).

after informing them that i had not recieved it (on the 31st, today), they said they would send another one out. 45 minutes later, i am still waiting - they said something about someone coming back from lunch.

  Belatucadrus 14:27 31 Jan 2003

Signature comparison with Parcelforce ? all the Parcelforce deliveries I've received you had to sign for on one of their PDA contraptions, and my signature always ends up looking like the first attempts at writing of a drunken two year old. Should be fun.

  anthonyl 14:33 31 Jan 2003

good point. but whatever is on their electronic contraptions is unlikely to look like my sig.

  spuds 20:51 31 Jan 2003

Keep Parcelforce fully informed of all events.Request contact details of their investigation branch for your reference.

  DerekR 20:57 31 Jan 2003

When I was a kid, we used to play a game called Thubder and Lightening. It involved us knocking like mad on someones door, and running away. These days, its called Parcelforce.

  DerekR 20:57 31 Jan 2003

When I was a kid, we used to play a game called Thunder and Lightening. It involved us knocking like mad on someones door, and running away. These days, its called Parcelforce.

  blakdog 21:30 31 Jan 2003

The Parcelforce operatives are supposed to deliver and accept a signature from someone at your address i.e. who answers the door when they knock on it! They are not supposed to accept signatures from neighbours or other persons without your direct instructions (although they quite often do).
Don't mess about. This happens regularly and parcelforce know it! Ask parcelforce to confirm the date and time it was delivered (their little star treck contraption records this) it may help if you can prove that nobody was at your address to sign for it.
Finally, stay firm with dabs. You have not received the goods and you are entitled to your money back! Also assuming that you paid by credit card and the monitor was over £100 you can go to your credit card company for your money back if dabs refuse to pay up. It might be worth contacting them anyway if Dabs become awkward. In the past my provider has brought more than one awkward retailer into line.
As the others have said, be polite...but be firm.

  spuds 18:43 01 Feb 2003

Talking about credit cards. I received in this weeks post a [not another] offer of special credit facilities if I apply for a new card. One of the new parts to the card covered items purchased via the internet.Anything purchased on the internet using the card would be guaranteed safe and secure delivery, even for items of low value.But it would appear as though the credit card companies are taking internet purchasing seriously now.

  Stuartli 20:25 01 Feb 2003

Exactly the advice that I have used successfully in the past.

Some of you may have read of my experiences with French firm Nomatica and a Sony digital camcorder.

It had to be replaced after initially being sent from France by TNT.

The replacement was sent by ColiePost (!) for delivery by ParcelForce on December 4th.

It has never been sighted since and has been presumed stolen either whilst in transit via ColiePost or ParcelForce.

Fortunately it isn't my worry and Visa sorted the problem out for me from the payment side.

A replacement eventually ordered from Plymouth firm LetsGoDigital was delivered by BusinessPost the next day.

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