dabs - very frustrating after sales support

  Al94 09:45 09 Oct 2003

OK here goes, it's me again,2 weeks after last post. Purchased Actiontec wireless adsl modem/router at end on March 2003. It stopped working in August and I returned it to dabs at own expense for warranty repair/replacement seven weeks ago today. It has been a real pain losing our wireless network as a result and I had to purchase a basic adsl modem shared between 3!!!! in the meantime.

Two weeks ago I emailed them (it's not nice not being able to speak to someone) and advised them that in my opinion, the repair was taking too long and asking for a fully repaired item or replacement within 7 days. This produced only a bland response that the item was still away for repair. Three days ago, I emailed again asking for specific information on the position or if they were now going to send a replacement and received this response.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your e:mail and apologies for this, I have forwarded your e:mail onto my colleague who is dealing with your return direct. As soon as I have anymore information regarding this we will be in touch. Please again accept our apologies for this.


I have heard no more since but have emailed again this morning. and will continue this thread as the situation develops. I remain convinced dabs are very efficient "box shifters" but if there is a subsequent warranty problem, you are in real trouble.

  Stuartli 10:09 09 Oct 2003

This is the one aspect of online retailing that affects so many companies - superb at taking electronic orders and getting them to the customers quickly and efficiently, but the complete opposite if problems arise.

But, shielded in a world of virtually e-mail only contact, the customer becomes something of a nuisance, to be pacified for as long as possible.

Part of the problem, of course, is that customers want the latest yesterday and at the lowest possible price - unfortunately low prices and top after sales service just don't go together.

  Rtus 10:35 09 Oct 2003

I on the other hand have had very good service from the team at customer services. Id ordered several items .the parcels arrived and its minus 1 item even though the note says its in the package.. I mail CS advising them of the error ..reply recieved next day & error corrected in 3 days allowing for postage..and if Ive contacted them on other items Ive recieved just as quick a response,I certainly agree a Human contact would be preferable at least ..

Having Said that I was out on a repair the other day and this customer was ranting at the helper on the other end of the line (ISP) for lack of service ..I Look at machine .and come to the conclusion Third party line provider (No prizes for guessing) had cut services to line which turned out to be over a payment dispute!

  Al94 12:49 09 Oct 2003

Still no response to email sent at 8.30 am this morning

  Al94 16:01 09 Oct 2003

4.00pm, still no response to this morning's email or a futher one sent around lunchtime. This means that my email sent on Monday remains unresponded to apart from the holding email which I posted in my original post to this thread.

Stuartli, you were right about about dabs being "shielded in a world of virtually e-mail only contact", it appears that as a consumer with a complaint, I am an irrelevant nuisance to be ignored. Buyer beware!!

Anyone have any suggestions (or even a suitable dabs phone number if one exists) from past experience.

  Al94 11:02 10 Oct 2003

11.00 am Friday 10, still no response to emails, will try yet again. It is 7 weeks today since the item was delivered to Dabs.

  mark e 12:38 10 Oct 2003

The following number was taken for a dabs catalouge 0870 429 3010 You might find it usefull who knows, its worth a try


  Al94 13:54 10 Oct 2003

Thanks Mark e, I now have another number which I got from a "whois" search, going to try that this afternoon. 2.00 pm and still no reply from customer services. Obviously I not alone in my thoughts of disgraceful customer service click here

  Al94 14:22 10 Oct 2003

This will come as no surprise, phoned Dabs on 01942853488, eventually answered by Dabs reception who refused to let me speak to anyone as the only way was by email. When I told her my emails were not being responded to and that was why I was calling, she told me that they mustn't be getting through as they "were on top of their emails" and to try again. I explained the number of emails this week but I was getting nowhere.

I rather suspect my emails are being "blocked" now at Dabs end. It seems the only likely explanation. I have also tried [email protected] in addition to [email protected]. Interesting to note that all previous contact points, names, email addresses etc are no longer on the website.

This is a disgraceful situation and all potential purchasers from Dabs.com should be aware of the potential difficulties if a piece of kit "goes wrong" during the warranty period.

  Al94 14:50 10 Oct 2003

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Have just received the following reply to email sent first thing yesterday-


We have contacted the supplier for an update, as soon as we hear we will be in touch.

Sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused.

Anyone got a guess how long this will drag on??

  Al94 14:51 10 Oct 2003


I realise this is probably of very little interest to most but it's good therapy for me!!!!

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