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Dabs used product

  Edbanger 15:00 30 Jan 2006

I recently purchased a Humax F2-Fox T set top box, from Dabs. Yesterday after playing a game for the first time, it listed more scores than the one I had achieved, therefore giving the assumption that the game had been played more than once before.

Also after removing the clear piece of film which covers the display window, the glass appears to be scratched. The box was new when purchased, and not a repackaged product. I only received the box on 10/01/2006, would I be able to claim a refund as the product is obviously not new?

  spuds 15:41 30 Jan 2006

Take this up with Dabs as an urgency. It is not unknown for this type of thing to happen.You could have returned the item within the first seven days under the terms of the Distance Selling regulations, but due to it exceeding this period, you may have re-dress via other consumer laws.

  Edbanger 16:04 30 Jan 2006

I have sent Dabs a message via the help section on their site, explaining the situation. As I only came across this anomaly yesterday, I could not possibly have informed them within 7 days of receiving the free-view box. I must say I'm not very impressed with their help pages.

  Stuartli 19:07 30 Jan 2006

>>Humax F2-Fox T set top box>>

I'm a bit puzzled about why a Freeview set top box - probably the best you can buy at present in the case of the F2 Fox-T - should be used to play games (apart from the rather rudimentary games channel)?

  Edbanger 19:18 30 Jan 2006

The games are found on the set top box menu. I presume they are meant to be played. The point is that someone had already played games on this box, so I can only assume that the box had been owned before and was not new. As I payed for a new box, I did not expect to be sent a second hand product.

  Stuartli 19:31 30 Jan 2006

I see - I've got an ITVDigital Pioneer set top box which has the original ONDigital menu...:-)

I once bought two identical iiyama 17in monitors from Dabs (a company I've dealt with from its days in Leyland) and one of them was also used.

The case even contained the name of the computer outlet in the Cotswolds which had returned it...:-)

I didn't bother with Dabs, but contacted iiyama direct by phone and had a new monitor on my doorstep next morning and the Dabs offering collected at the same time.

  Arnie 00:01 31 Jan 2006

If the box was new, then at switch on, it should have loaded your available free to view TV stations.

Did this happen?

Of course the previous owner, or Dabs could have carried out a factory reset from the menu interface.

I must add, this box is a quality unit and once you have sorted out your grievances I am sure you will be happy with your choice of make.

  Stuartli 10:11 27 Feb 2006

>>It sounds like your box was previously a return, then it was sold to you "as new". All legal. >>

This is not legal - it is a used product - and Dabs has sections on its website for selling such returns and clearance items of all types. This is from where it should have been sold.

Dabs should have supplied the Humax in its original unopened retail box either direct to you or via the manufacturer's distributor (Humax is a Korean company).

Incidentally Maplin is now selling a Digifusion Freeview equippped recorder with an 80GB HDD for just £99.99 - whether its on-screen performance is as good as the Humax set top box is something that would have to be found out.

  spuds 11:00 27 Feb 2006

Agree with Stuartli. Selling stores returns or rejects as new is illegal, and places like PC World or similar have had their knuckles smacked by the authorities on the odd occasion, for doing just that.Anything that is 'used' 'returned' or 'rejected', must be sold as such, and the buyer should be told as such.

I was speaking with the manager of the local Staples store the other day, and in the conversation, their 'if you don't like, then return it' procedure came into mention. Staples would not sell the returned item as new.In some cases the manufacturer excepts the item back, with great difficulty, and usually at a lose to Staples.

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