Dabs - small print?

  Barrie_G 17:07 10 Sep 2003

Having recently made my first online purchase from dabs last week I recieved an e-mail receipt today and all the items, prices are as they should be, however looking at the bottom of said receipt I notice that I have apparently accepted that...

"2.5% of the above price is paid to Dabs Finacial Services Ltd as a card handling fee"

I dont think that I have at any time agree to this and I thought that the almost £400 that I spent with them had caused me enough ear-ache from her indoors with out finding out that I am about to pay them another tenner for using a card.

If they can inform me of a way of being able to purchase goods from them and pay cash I'd like to know about it!

This is nothing to worry about and is actually quite common.

When you buy anything with a credit card the retailer is charged a small percentage, usually 2.5%. New legislation means that the retailer has to declare that this charge is being made and in effect, justify where it has come from. There is absolutely no difference in the actual price you pay, whether in cash or by card, the 2.5% is merely an "overhead" that the retailer has already taken into account when setting the purchase price.

This is one reason why it is always worth haggling over the price in stores (not online) as any retailer that says "We cannot offer a discount" is lying - simply say that for a 2.5% discount you will pay cash - no discount then you will pay by card. The retailer will loose this 2.5% whichever method of payment you then use.

  -pops- 18:13 10 Sep 2003

Smiffy is quite right.

Put another way, the price you paid was the price you agreed to when you bought the goods. Nothing has been added on top of that.

If you didn't like that price you wouldn't (or shouldn't) have bought it.

dabs prices are normally quite reasonable and there are a number of places that charge a lot more for most of the items that dabs sell.

  tbh72 18:20 10 Sep 2003

Asda also state on each checkout that a surcharge goes to XXX named company!!! Like shopping isn't boring enough I'm reading the small print on the checkout's whilst signing my payment slip!!!

  Barrie_G 18:31 10 Sep 2003

OK thanks guys its just that the way that it looks on the paper makes it look as though it is being added to the price that I have already paid rather than already being included in the price.

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