Dabs problems - best way to get redress?

  eagle1 12:00 04 Nov 2003

Just bought a CDRW from Dabs - went for a recommended expensive model (TEAC) to avoid problems. Won't work on my computor. Dabs didn't want to know. Call TEAC helpline in USA 3 times - carrying out all their instructions - still no good.

Dabs say its not their problem! I didn't notice in the small print somewhere that I have to complain within 7 days! But I went away on business for 3 days as the CD arrived and then was busy restoring the data on my second HDD (reason I bought the CDRW) - I do have a business to run!!

Is the only way to take them to the small claims court?

  johnnyrocker 12:14 04 Nov 2003

best bet if you paid by credit card is to get them involved as it is a shared responsibility between them and the seller in the event of any dissatisfaction on a purchase.



  beeuuem 12:53 04 Nov 2003

Under the distance selling regulations click here can return any goods, faulty or not, within seven days of delivery. This is not the limit of the suppliers liability.
If the goods do not work the they are not 'fit for purpose' under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and can be rejected in a 'reasonable' time. While 'reasonable' is not specified it would include that the goods were not used for a matter of days after delivery.
The terms of this Act were changed this year click here and ,essentially, if the goods are less than six months old then the supplier must prove that the goods supplied were not faulty when supplied.
If your CD/RW will not work then you are entitled to a full refund. A letter of complaint by Registered post on the lines of click here should be sent ASAP to formalise your complaint.
Your local Trading Standards should be able to give you specific advice on the best way to proceed in the matter.

  eagle1 19:25 04 Nov 2003

Thanks Beeuuem & Johnnyrocker very helpful info.

  spuds 19:33 04 Nov 2003

You say that it "Won't work on my computer". Doe's this mean that the CDRW is faulty, or that the CDRW is not compatible with your computer system.Or that you may have installed it incorrectly. Each of these questions can make a difference, as to the response that you may receive.

If the CDRW is faulty, then your claim is against Dabs.They are responsible under English Law to do something, and solve your problem.Whether this be by full refund or your approval to a replacement.If the unit is not compatible, then you may have a little problem.Dabs could say, that you should have checked for compatibility before you purchased.If you have installed it incorrectly, then you only have yourself to blame.

Teac are not responsible for a faulty unit,Dabs as the retailer are. Teac need only assist, if they offer an advice or technical support service.Sometimes you will find that technical service is zoned based ie England may come under Europe and the American technical will not respond to Europe.

I would suggest that you seek further help or advice via your local trading standards.An alternative would be to email Jonathan Wall [email protected] who is the marketing director for Dabs. He seems to have an active presence just lately with the PCA Forum.

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