Dabs & faulty goods

  [DELETED] 11:57 20 Nov 2003

I bought a 80GB HDD from Dabs and, upon opening the packaging, I noticed that one of the pins were loose at the back [I bought another from a high street store about a year ago which was damaged &, I guess, I am predisposed to check the pins now].

I sent an email to Dabs advising that I wanted to return the drive within 3 hours of signing for it explaining that I wanted it replaced & why. I also advised that the next day delivery had actually taken 3 days due to a delay by Parcel Force.

To date, the only email I have received is addressed to 'Dear sir or madam' and asks me to advise why I want to return the thing - my email that this was responding to gave all the details and was signed by my automatic signature. I responded along the lines that my sex should be known from the order number - which was quoted - as well as my signature at the foot of the email as well and the fact that I advised that the hard drive has a loose pin & does not work when connected to my PC.

I have since bought another hard-drive which is OK but do not know what more to do to get my £60 back. Dabs has no phone number and the only way of contacting them is via email. If I return the goods without a Returns number the goods will be sent back to me and, I have no doubt, the damage to the pin advised as a result of my actions.

Any ideas?



  [DELETED] 12:33 20 Nov 2003

I can't lay claim to this posting bringing some action as I have not quoted their reference number.

They are asking for more information [does the disk spin, etc]. Have replied - let's see how soon they respond to this.

I have also sent an email, without prejudice, advising that I have followed their returns procedure correctly and that any delay has been caused by them. Therefore my legal rights are still intact and I expect them to honour my request & help me out.

  [DELETED] 12:46 20 Nov 2003

I have had same problem with Dabs. On 13th August I returned a hard drive to them which had failed. I did not even get an e-mail to say if they had received it. On sending them e-mail about it, their reply was that it takes 4-6 weeks. If you work it out this and several more weeks have passed since I returned the item, and I have told them so. Nothing has been heard since.

  [DELETED] 13:56 20 Nov 2003

Not looking good then ......

  Al94 16:20 20 Nov 2003

OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dear, will people never learn! Tip-never but from ANY company that hides behind email and that you have no other way of contacting.

To be honest, get an RMA number, return the goods and insist on a refund. You will probably have to push them hard and it is likely to take at least 6 weeks. You should get there in the end.

Check out previous threads for tips if you have a problem, then do as I do (from past experience )and buy elsewhere!

  Al94 16:23 20 Nov 2003

Follow the instructions here "to the letter" click here

  [DELETED] 16:29 20 Nov 2003

Thanks for the advice. As you say, once bitten..... I just think it's a shame but I now realise why you can't phone them ;o( I believe that the local PC shop I have just found will get all my custom in future.

Many thanks for the tip - just got to get the Returns Number first, but I'm working on it. The link has been added to my favourites for future reference and will be followed TO THE LETTER to make sure that there is no room for wriggling out of it.

I am see a PC firend this weekend. Will get her to look at it & see if she can do anything [she works for a company who retrieve data from broken hard drives - amongst other things]

Still keeping my fingers crossed ......


  [DELETED] 16:46 20 Nov 2003

Was just about to order an 80Gb Maxtor HD from Dabs.

What do I do now, I wonder?

  [DELETED] 16:51 20 Nov 2003

There are no local computer shops here and I am dependant upon mail order or PCW.

PS. Ever tried asking PC World to order something they don't stock? Forget it, they aren't interested despite all the hype in their TV commercials.

  [DELETED] 13:25 21 Nov 2003

No real help, but I bought a Carrera 3.0ghz system, it worked flawlessly for 1 month, then parts started to stop working.... The saving grace?... Carrera's support... excellent... fixed every problem very quickly and efficently.. no problems since (4 months now). I have bought from Eversham and Mesh previoulsy.. not everyone shares the same problems etc... but I found customer support to be the biggest asset, often boasted about, but rarely spoken about, when things do go right.

  [DELETED] 23:15 21 Nov 2003

Name: Dabs.com PLC
Retailer of IT and Technology products

Tel: (0870) 429 3000
Address: Direct House
Wingates Industrial Park

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