Dabs customer service ???? - I don't think so!

  bstock 21:18 19 Jan 2004

RE my incident no 9996 whatever that means

Recently ordered: a laptop - no problems and some extra memmory - problem; from Dabs website.

On the laptop detail page the ram was described as being what people who purchased the laptop also bought (or words very similar). Anyway merrily clicked on it ordered and within a couple of days both arrived. Great laptop shame about the memmory chips though cause they were obviously wrong being far to large to fit.

As regular viewers to the forum will know Dabs do not have telephone access - that is a very bad move and will loose them lots of custom. Emailed them via their online form and within a day received an email asking for details of the ram I received. I replied and have received no other communication from them for nearly 2 weeks now.

I have sent emails and also further messages via their online form and received absolutely nothing. I even searched through this forum and found a phone number, unfortunately it is now merely a recorded message directing people back to the website

Looks like I'm going to have to put pen to paper via snail mail but at least I can prove it is received if I send it recorded delivery. Accountability seems to have gone out of the window, I have dealt with them in the past and found them very helpful especially on the occasion I had to give them a ring but this episode is a real turn off - they have obviously got too big and give the impression of not really caring any more

If anyone can offer advice as to how i can get some response from them before I have to start using the good old postman I'd be grateful.


One very disillusioned Dab's customer

  Widows Son 21:58 19 Jan 2004

But I think you have discovered where they cut costs. Sometimes it is worth an extra couple of quid to have someone you can physically go and see (and if need be yell at)

Good luck!

  bstock 08:29 20 Jan 2004

But no more it appears.

If company's set up email only communications they should at least have the decency to answer the things quickly.

  JezClarke 10:10 20 Jan 2004

I agree with the comments made about Dabs. They use to be great, I've been ordering from them for years and years from when you could ring them and speak to them. Since the "New" website was launched it is harder to find what you want, doesn't always work when you click on 'next page' or 'view all' buttons and generally is not as quick and easy as the previous site. Now that may me that I was use to finding my way round the old site but generally I think its a step back. The payment system is the only real improvement. As for customer service I have had the same issues. I purchased a HDD that packed in, I contacted them via the online forms 5 times and had no reply. I sent 3 emails to the old email addressed that I had but still no response. I'm still waiting for an answer to my letters.

On a positive.... this is only 1 problem I have had out of hundreds of orders so in reality probably a small problem, but enough to get you annoyed. They did start to get more expensive than say Ebuyer but they are now getting cheaper again. In terms of getting goods from a shop - Online is still far far cheaper.

  josie mayhem 23:25 21 Jan 2004

It's just not dabs who seem to forgotten what customer service is all about.

I'm still waiting to recieve my order from pcworld, but I might be getting somewhere, hopefully it should be with me by next friday, about 30 days after I'd ordered it, but I won't beholding my breath.

And that after recieveing a e-mail confirming my order, and delivery details would follow shortly, on the 13th of this month!

It took a week to recieve a e-mail reply from them, saying that they had investigated my querry, and sorry there would be at least another 7 days ect, strange though my name or order referance wasn't mentioned anywhere on the e-mail, and when I say anywhere I mean anywhere just dear customer?

  bstock 07:04 22 Jan 2004

Last night finaly received an email with a returns authorisation number.

Will let you know how I gt on

  Bernard2 13:47 23 Jan 2004

I ordered some goods from Dabs for the first time on Monday 12th January. There seemed to be a problem with the Visa payment but I had an emailed acknowledgement of my order. Still feeling uneasy I emailed them the next day and two days later received a reply which indicated my order was being processed. On Friday the website said I has cancelled the order!! I emailed Dabs and asked them to telephone me to discuss this but they could obviously not be bothered to do so. I have reordered with Watford Electronics at the same price and have received excellent service from them.
My main problem with Dabs is that they have no telephone access so you feel helpless when a problem arises. They obviously do not feel that customer service is important because they could so easily have given me a quick call as requested and the matter could have been resolved there and then. Yes, this policy loses them custom.

  Southernboy 14:54 23 Jan 2004

but they don't care. All the time they do sufficient business via Email, they can afford to ignore those who want telehone contact.

It is the Dixons mentality. Ignore problems and they will go away. All the time people use them in droves, why should they worry about a small percentage of disaffected customers?

If they can afford all these advertisements, and to sponsor Fulham FC, they must be doing very nicely. This is the penalty we all pay for buying on price rather than service. You get what you pay for and the better companies go to the wall because they have been priced out of the market. Cheapest is not always the best alternative - in fact, it rarely is!

  bstock 15:58 23 Jan 2004

Just this afternoon posted back the ram on special delivery, a bit pricey at £4.06 but still considerable less than the £7.99 dabs prefered route.

Dabs and "Customer service" are mutually exclusive terms and should not really be used in the same sentence. I still use the firm occasionally but will not bore you with the horror stories I have, let alone doing a search on this site for similar.

Good luck but dont hold your breath......

  anarchy4uk 08:59 24 Jan 2004

Dabs are required under the sale of goods act to pay for postage in relation to damaged goods. Their "demand" that you use royal mail is legally invalid. You are only required to make the goods available for them to collect.

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