baggie 18:52 07 May 2004

Why anyone buys from Dabs is beyond me.
All their HDDs are supplied OEM. No fitting instructions, no power cable, no data cable, no fitting screws.
The customer service is absolutely crap.
Slow,unresponsive and email only. And couldnt
care less.

  spuds 19:19 07 May 2004

But some of their products are cheaper, and you do not need to move out of the chair to select and order (:o)

  Ollieole 19:26 07 May 2004


Have to agree. I used to use them and found them OK but once they went to e-mail only I stopped. It's like saying we really don't want to talk to you and that IMO is not good customer service. If somehting goes wrong you want to talk to someone to gte it sorted not sit and wait for an e-mail that may or may not arrive.

  byfordr 19:59 07 May 2004

Agree they are crap...but OEM is the way to a much cheaper purchase. Fittings guides freely available on manufacturers websites, as are drivers and utilities. Most cases contain enough wires to add extra hard drive. If not a couple of quid will secure the necessary parts. Even if you need to be additional bits you should save 20% over a retail boxed set.


  byfordr 20:00 07 May 2004

read buy instead of be :-(

  Stuartli 09:25 09 May 2004

If you already have a system and want to update, for instance, the hard drive, what's the point in paying full whack for a retail pack when the OEM version may be two-thirds of the price?

You will already have the bulk of what you need in the way of cables, screws etc and obtain the rest quickly and far more cheaply.

There could also be a bonus with an OEM product - Western Digital, for instance, now provides a three year warranty with the majority of its OEM drives, yet only one year with the retail kit equivalents.

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