DAB radio, a con trick?

  Bald Eagle 09:05 05 Dec 2008

Personally I think that digital audio broadcasting, DAB radio, has been one of the biggest con tricks put out by the media. I assumed when I bought my £50 worth of portable DAB radio that it would be portable. Wrong! When I opened the box I saw it also had FM capabilities. This I assumed was because DAB wasn’t universal yet. Wrong! It was because DAB is a proverbial pain in the behind to use.

Reception isn’t too bad at my bedside but if I take it downstairs and place it directly below where it was upstairs it takes a lot of messing about to re-tune it in. The aerial is in a completely different position. Compound this with the fact that my body interferes with the signal, I have to tweak and move away at least 2 metres then go and tweak again!

In the kitchen it will only work on top of the microwave and once again aerial direction is ultra sensitive. The dining room is a total no go area!

I should have realised this portable new technology was flawed when I read the instruction that said that for best reception take off the aerial and connect the satellite dish onto it by the “F” connector! How portable is that?

Well and truly conned.


  Bald Eagle 09:18 05 Dec 2008

Plus it EATS batteries!


  Al94 09:48 05 Dec 2008

satellite dish????

  canarieslover 09:48 05 Dec 2008

I believe quality is only equivalent to 128bps MP3 anyway so it is a downgrade from good FM. Its like digital television where the noise and pixelation caused by a poor signal make it worse to watch than a few faint lines across the screen in poor signal conditions with analogue. Even poor FM is much easier on the ears than poor DAB as fading signal does not jar the ears. But this was the only way the government could make more money out of the available bandwidth, again the con(ned)sumer loses.

  laurie53 09:59 05 Dec 2008

Did you not check reception before you bought, as recommended by most decent dealers?

When I went to the website and put in my postcode I was given a list of station I should get no problem, and a list of "possibles" given favourable conditions.

It was 100% accurate.

My DAB reception is far superior to my FM (and mobile phone) reception.

  laurie53 10:01 05 Dec 2008

Incidentally, I've also got DAB in the car and get very little drop out, unless I'm up in the Highlands where even FM and AM are absent.

  Pine Man 10:28 05 Dec 2008

Have to agree with Laurie53. I got DAB about 4 years ago and wouldn't dream of returning to FM.

  Arnie 12:51 05 Dec 2008

click here

Enter your POSTCODE in the box to check the coverage of your area.
After viewing the results of this there is still no guarantee that a good signal will be obtained in all areas of one’s premises without the use of an aerial.

Technical info.
click here

Give some thought to the opening paragraph:

“The wire aerials that come with tuners or hi-fi system will not give optimum reception, and to get the best out of a radio it is better to get an aerial fitted to the outside of the house, either doing it yourself or getting a firm to install it for you. If you don't want to, or cannot, get an aerial fitted to the outside of your house, **then the next best thing would be to install an aerial in your loft**, because as far as aerial positioning goes, the following rule of thumb applies: "the higher the better".”

** Check that any roofing felt if fitted in the loft, does not contain a metallic foil.**
If this is the case the foil it will severely attenuate the radio frequency signal.

N.B. Not all DAB radios are fitted with a means of connecting to an external aerial.
So check the back of the radio.

Some further advice.

click here


  Arnie 12:54 05 Dec 2008

Forget about the fist defunct link.

The last link will reveal all.

  Bald Eagle 14:07 05 Dec 2008

I did check for reception/station availability before buying and have just checked with Arnie's link. Loads of green ticks! Sorry should have said aerial not satellite dish!!!!

From Arnie's link I'm going to try a few of the suggestions including not fully extending the aerial.

Thanks for the replies to what to me was just a moan. Something useful should come out of it.


  wee eddie 15:54 05 Dec 2008

will knock the UK's DAB Service to a cocked hat. It's bit rat is insufficient to support HiFi, leaving you with flat voices and squeaky violins.

Other countries, in Europe and the Antipodes, have opted for DAB with higher Bit Rates which are comparable to HiFi.

You are correct about Power consumption, they use approximately 5x an Analogue Radio of equivalent output.

If you live in a Building with a metal frame and reinforced concrete floors, eg. any Flat built in the last 40 years, there are reception problems. Equally, the Insulation foam, on many new buildings has a reflective metal side which will block reception.

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