Cybercom Laptops from Staples

  Andy1964 08:22 20 Jan 2003
  Andy1964 08:22 20 Jan 2003

I've been looking at buying a new laptop and yesterday went into my local Staples. They have, what appear to be, some very good deals on Cybercom Laptops. 2.4 processor, 512 ram, dvd/cd-r etc....for £999 less 10%. Has anyone got or had a cybercom laptop and what are like performace wise etc



  The Kestrel 21:59 20 Jan 2003

Don't know about Cybercom laptops, but bought a Cybercom desktop after Christmas. They are manufactured by Medion, as I suspect the laptops are. I have been very pleased with my purchase - no problems so far, and good performance.

  Oriole 00:00 21 Jan 2003

I also recently purchased a Cybercom desktop. Great PC and no problems to date. However I did not recieve a motherboard manual with mine, and I had delve into the computer to find out the make of my M/B so I could download a manual. It turns out it is a MicroStar model no. MS-6701. I have visited the MicroStar web site but my M/B model number is not recognized by them.

I emailed Medion 4 days ago about this but have not received a reply yet.

Did you recieve a motherboard manual with your Cybercom PC?



  The Kestrel 15:44 21 Jan 2003

I didn't receive a m/b manual either. I bought the Athlon XP 1800 model. Is this the same as yours, as I have not checked my motherboard for make and model.

I have been trying to install the fax facility, but keep being asked to insert my Windows XP SP1 Pack CD, which I haven't got, only the rescue disc was supplied. Do you know whether they are the same thing, as I have had no luck contacting the Medion 'phone helpline yet.

  rickf 17:54 21 Jan 2003

You can get the service pack from MS. It is now available in many pc mags' cover disc.

  WaTcHiNg 21:13 21 Jan 2003

It probably wants the XP install disk not the SP1 disk. Is this not in a folder on your HDD?
c:\winnt\options? or the like?

  Oriole 23:23 21 Jan 2003

I have the P4 2.66 model. I purchased mine on the 19 Dec 2002 and it came the XP SP1 service pack pre installed. I also have a Win XP recovery CD-ROM. Its possible that the SP1 disk contains new drivers to resolve your fax problem.

I contacted the Medion helpline this afternoon after two previous attempts failed. I was informed that my motherboard is a brand new model and no manuals are available yet. I asked the support chap what would happen then if I had a M/B problem? He was unsure as they download the manuals from the manufactures site as well!

I told him I was not very impressed with this state of affairs but he did not seem to be very concerned, said it was common to send new PCs to customers without motherboard manuals.

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