Customer services at Misco the charm or lack off

  jul 12:54 20 Feb 2012

I was asked by the daughter what I wanted for Christmas so I thought hey I should build that computer I've been on about, so said well you could buy me a motherboard and cpu, I suggested Dabs or having a look around so she finally found misco and brought the items from them, well tried to buy both items, having been told oh yes we have the items you want in stock, No they had the motherboard and could not get the cpu till February, ok so she brought the Board, now to the point of the post We had to send it back as after a call to them they thought the board may have a fault so we sent it back now normally when you call customer services you get helpful people so far I have had 3 people that need to re-evaluate there job role as I always thought that they were there to be polite and to help, I was wrong they have been somewhat lacking in being polite or helpful all I know is that the board makers have it and the 10 days it was going to take to fix has passed by another 10 days leaving me without the computer which I use for my work and fun sitting around gathering dust its the first time we have brought from Misco and the Last, I thought at least being a big company they may have professional customer service people, sorry for the rant.

  spuds 13:19 20 Feb 2012

Send them a polite email stating that the return of the motherboard as exceeded its return time limit, and request that they send you another motherboard or refund by a given time.

  Woolwell 22:02 22 Feb 2012

You seem to have been unlucky. My experience with Misco is that they are pleasure to deal with.

  MiscoCS 12:18 24 Feb 2012

I am truly sorry to hear of your disappointment with the dealings you’ve had so far with our Customer Service team. I am keen to review this for you to try and resolve the situation – if you could please send the order details to [email protected] I will ensure that a senior member of the Customer Service Management team picks this up for you straight away so that we can bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion. Sincere Apologies

Kerry Campbell Senior Customer Service Agent

  jul 13:24 24 Feb 2012

Another 2 phone calls to Misco this week and I was told that I would be getting a new Board Wednesday or Thursday well after a 3rd Call today it seems that it was not sent out again and for unknown reasons, its Sitting in the warehouse I may get an Email letting me know when it May be sent out,but to be honest im not going to hold my Breath because I cant for that long. And I would love to send them the Order number but it Was a Present and I don't have the paper work, I have given them the post code and House number which they have used to trace the purchase but as you can see still waiting for My Board, id like to say im supprised but it seems to be that Misco really cant do a simple thing like sort this out, 21 days since they got the board back, I may look into other legal ways of getting this sorted out, One very unhappy first/last time buyer from Misco.

  Woolwell 13:41 24 Feb 2012

Have you e-mailed them as requested in the post at 12.18 today?

The problem may be that you were not the purchaser.

  MiscoCS 14:06 24 Feb 2012

Good afternoon,

If you would like to send your address details to [email protected] I will be able to track the order from that and assist you further.

Kind regards

Kerry Campbell.

  spuds 14:32 24 Feb 2012

Perhaps a case of crossed emails here?.

Take the offer of Kerry Campbell up, and all might be resolved.

  jul 23:14 24 Feb 2012

Thanks for the offer I will email the details in the hope I can just get my new motherboard back, Spuds sorry to say this but at no point have I had any emails or been asked for my email address by anyone from the customer service members I have spoken to,apart from today to which I was surprised, as emails cost nothing really and at least customers would know what was going on, I did not receive any form of proof either from the couriers whom picked the item up or any notification that Misco had received the item I had to call to check they had. On no occasions did they offer to provide me with updates on the progress of the repair which would of saved me a great deal of hassel. It seems that I have to constantly chase them for stuff, this should not be the case. Good customer services would be to at least let customers know 1. the return has been received 2. the manufacturer is unable to repair therefore they are sending us a replacement and will send to you etc. Had they not have advised my daughter when she last spoke to them on tuesday that this would be here by Thursday it would not have been so much of a problem.

The gentleman that my daughter spoke to Tuesday was helpful except he didn't actually seem to follow up on the dispatch. The previous lady that my daughter spoke to regarding the collection that never happened! was quite rude and really needed to cheer up, but that is just my daughter's opinion who happens to be a CS team leader.

I appreciate that a huge amount of pressure is being put on companies due to the economy but things like this are what loses custom to businesses big or small.

  spuds 08:59 25 Feb 2012


I agree with you regarding poor customer service, and I think most people might do also. There can be no excuse for it, even in a recession.

My reference to crossed emails, was in response to Misco's response at 12.18pm and your response at 1.24pm.

As I said yesterday at 2.32pm, Kerry Campbell as made an offer, on-line at that, so try that route for resolving the problem. You would then have the option of coming back to the forum, with the results?.

  jul 21:22 25 Feb 2012

I have sent the details, and I will come back and let you know the outcome its only fair to do so. Thanks for all posts hope to have news soon.

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