Customer Service moan - NTL

  Nellie2 18:56 29 Mar 2005

I like my broadband and most of the time it is hassle free. But woe betide me if something should go wrong because NTL, in their infinite wisdom has allocated a 24/7 service with an office hours only customer support.

I had problems over the weekend and was without my connection for over 48 hours. I realise that it was Easter Sunday... but even a recorded message to tell me about the server problem would have been good... but no, 'this departement is now closed' So I fiddled all day Sunday and finally managed to get through on Monday... and was told at various intervals throughout the day to call back in an hour as it is nearly sorted. (At least by then I knew what the problem was so I stopped fiddling my end). The last call at 4:30pm was still the same, nothing to report. But don't worry, the nice girl said, we are here until 8pm.

So I rang back at 6pm only to find that the phonelines were off again and all I could get was 'This department is now closed'.

A 24/7 service should, in my opinion, have some sort of customer service that you can access at odd hours. I know NTL post outages on their website, but if you don't have access then you can't get to it can you.

Anyway, grump over. I'm back now (after 3 days) and have a fair bit of catching up to do.

  Pusherman 19:48 29 Mar 2005

I know this may not be much use to you if you are without internet access (that's why I keep an external modem connected to my pc) but here is a useful site run by current and ex NTL staff.

click here


  Andybear 20:07 29 Mar 2005

NTL have a freephone recorded message line which gives details of outages. It's 0800 052 4315. I find it very handy when I can't access the service status web page.

  Nellie2 20:14 29 Mar 2005

Thanks for that AndyBear I'm sure it will come in handy

  accord 21:23 29 Mar 2005

click here for NTL server status

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