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  Non Welsh Local 10:10 04 Jun 2003

It's a very re-occurring theme on here about bad customer care. People buy an item and quite rightly expect it to work as advertised and if not then they expect good service to rectify it.

This then of course gets more and more of a stress builder the more you spend. Obviously if you buy a pack of cd's for £10 and half of them are duff then it's a pain but not the end of the world. However, if you spend £2000 on a duff pc then it becomes a bit more of a problem.

The point I'm making is that over the whole spectrum of products and services etc, customer care in this country is NOT what it should be.

Until recently I drove a very expensive motor car, German made, very fast coupe, begins with P.
Anyway, the customer care I got from the various dealers I dealt with was frankly very poor. I know from speaking to and corresponding to many other owners they experienced the same thing.

So it seems that whatever we buy and no matter what the cost, customer care isn't guaranteed. Of course the principle is the same regardless of what has been paid, the point I'm making is customer care is just not good enough. From the similar complaints we see here every day it obviously isn't getting any better.

All too often I get the impression that some suppliers/dealers/stores etc feel they are doing the customer a favour by serving them and we should be grateful for what we get regardless of the quality. Not good enough I say.

Sorry this has been more of a rant/debate topic rather than any useful hints etc but I was wondering if others feel the same way.

  Coaster3 11:01 04 Jun 2003

There are plenty of us that feel the same way. Customer care in the UK is generally abysmal.

The problem is that we accept it and don't complain enough.

I have recently dealt with both Crucial and Cartridge Co and the service from these people is superb. But having recently dealt with Ebuyer, who don't seem to understand the meaning of customer care, I feel that the only way to deal with these people is not to deal with them.

  Diver14 14:17 04 Jun 2003

I agree 100%. The standard of customer service I have experienced recently has been appalling.

Scan being one of the worst. The trouble is, it is not until you have a problem with a company that you find out how bad / (good!) their support system is.

The general feeling now seems to be "yes sir, no sir, couldn't give a s~~t sir.

  Oriole 14:44 04 Jun 2003

Thats what makes this forum an invaluable recourse when it comes to choosing a reliable IT supplier. I have learned about the dodgy companies that treat their customers with disdain and those that are well thought of and as a result get my business.

  Mysticnas 17:07 04 Jun 2003

yet had a problem with any retailers (touch wood).

I've brought from scan, ebuyer, CPU City, Watford (savastores), KustomPcs, amazon etc.

Not once had a problem. However, just week ago my mate asked me for a good place to buy blank CD's from. He usually buys from a place in manchester (his hometown). Anyway i told him to try the , i've used them before and they are pretty good. He placed an order for 200 cd's 40x speed. The came through, "Data Write" brand and had 40x written on the disks. He used a few and realised that they were only 24x. We looked into it and eventualy found that the CD's were in fact only 24x and not 40x as advertised or as printed on the CD's themselves. So he called up the retailer they who tried to fob him off by telling him that his software was probably at fault. After a good 15 minutes on the phone they agreed to replace them. So a few days after they came to collect the faulty ones and replace them. The new ones were unbranded, and whats worse they still weren't 40x, they were 32x. I advised him to call the retailer again and ask them to either replace the CD's with branded 40x (which is what he had paid for) or to make a partial refund.

There was program on telly not so long ago about how this is a nation of non complainers. I was in pizza hut the other day having a buffet lunch, and to be honest the salad was awful, it looked like it had been there for a few days all limp and stale, and to top it off we ordered the drinks and had to remind the waitress to get them for us after 10min as she was chatting to a friend, it wasn't as if the hut was packed either, it was the 4 of us that were there at the time. Anyway, the 4 of us found ourselves passing the buck as to whom should ask the waitress about our drinks. I mean we had been serviced unacceptably and were worried about complaining.

I think this is why so many companies get away with so much, as they know that most people won't complain and if they do they will be a walk over.

It's just not right. I went to local chipshop once, the chips there weren't brilliant, but i was used to them. The person infront of me in the queue ordered some chips, as the lady put them in the tray and began to wrap them he took a look at them, looked at the lady serving and walked out without saying a word. The funny thing is that although some people followed him out a lot of them didn't including me.

Why do we let people walk all over us?

  Mysticnas 17:13 04 Jun 2003

you say until recently you drove a p, why did you stop???

i mean when you pay £80k+ for car or even if you £20k+ you are not paying just for the performance but fot ther service etc...


  spuds 19:05 04 Jun 2003

This subject as been brought up on many occassions on this forum.Some people never seem to have any Customer Care problems, whilst others have more than their fair share.I think most of us have been along either route at some time or another.

The other evening, I had to contact a very well known bank about a missing statement. The customer care representative, eventually changed the conversation around, from a missing statement, to one of "We have some special low rate finance transfer offers". I was paying for that call, which ended up as a sales pitch for his company, and know doubt some commission for him,had a agreement been finalised. So much for customer care.My missing bank statement was irrelevant to this person.

  Non Welsh Local 01:56 05 Jun 2003

I changed car for a few reasons, to get something a bit more practical plus where I live I just wasn't get the use out of such a car and fantastic though it was, it was a lot of money sitting on the drive. The car itself was hassle free, the dealers were not.

That was the point of my post, even spending £80k + does not guarantee service and even so called prestige companies are just as guilty of poor service care. Most people would assume that a marque such as P would be fantastic for customer care etc. Not so.

  Mysticnas 15:49 05 Jun 2003

i guess i'll drop the McLaren to the bottom of list then... :o)

  Newuser2110 17:09 05 Jun 2003

I am a customer care manager for a very large food company based in Liverpool. We have a very strict code of conduct where complaints are concerned.We encourage ALL of our consumers to tell us of problems so that we can record them and, thorough meetings and feedback and monitoring problems, learn from our mistakes so that we can make changes to our products and service which benefits the consumers. This also benefits us in the long term because we foster trust with our customers which means that even if they have problems again in the future they know we will do the right thing.No customer is ever out of pocket and we surprise them with our generosity, even if their complaint is not really justified.
We have a philosphy that if someone THINKS they have a problem, then they have, so we sort it to their satisfaction (Which is not always ours but we never forget our products are not free, someone pays for them)At the end of the day EVERYONE is someones customer and no one ever won an argument with a customer. Our motto is "Treat others as you would expect to be treated" Never fails!The product is irrelevant,computers,cars,food whatever.My advice is always give feedback when you feel the service was bad, but do it constructivley. As we say in Liverpool- calm down, calm down.

  Chris the Ancient 18:08 05 Jun 2003

Last night on BBC2, "The Money Programme" (not that I have any) the were talking RyanAir. Interesting approach to customer care and complaints there. Dead Simple. Ignore all care and complaints and they go away!

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