curys faulty tv

  harps1h 10:42 14 Jan 2008

sorry i know this a computer forum but i bought a phillips amblight tv on 28/12/07 from currys but since i got it there has been a red hue from the picture. the fault is evident but currys are refusing to replace it or refund unless their engineer looks at it. i have said there is no problem bringing it to the store but they insist on a home visit on a day when i will be at work. if the visit is postponed then it will be another month. what is my position here, the tv was paid cash (should have used credit card) so can i reject the tv as unfit for purpose /faulty without this pantomime going on.

  wjrt 13:25 14 Jan 2008
  SB23 18:01 14 Jan 2008

You may find that they all now insist on an engineers report before they can say what they will do.
Can't you arrange for a neighbour to keep an eye?
Or, put a note on the door, "key at no ".
They are after all trying to help.

  birdface 20:01 14 Jan 2008

Oops.I thought that you had a money back guarantee if you were sold faulty goods and returned within a certain time.

  STREETWORK 21:11 14 Jan 2008

well, you have to give them a chance to fix it. The alternative is to have an independant report.

The fact that you have reported the fault means until its fixed the fault is still covered. Can you take the TV to work with you and have them visit there???...

  namtas 22:47 14 Jan 2008

STREETWORK I dont think that your generalisation is correct - you are within your rights to ask to have your money back if they dont meet the following
They must be of 'satisfactory quality'. The goods must be free from defects except when they have been brought to your attention
must be 'fit for their purpose'. The product must be able to do what it was sold to do. The product must also be able to do anything the seller says it will d

  BRYNIT 22:55 14 Jan 2008

Why not just take the TV back to the store and get them to try it, if found to be faulty ask for a refund or exchange. The only problem is that the fault could be intermittent. Transporting the TV might correct the fault.

  harps1h 23:04 14 Jan 2008

i intend to tomorrow as i nave been in touch with consumer rights, but i wanted to be sure of my facts. as you know dsg can try to fob you off

  penbee 23:10 14 Jan 2008

a couple of years ago my mum got a phillips tv from currys with built in freeview from curry's. it didnt work properly made her watch big brother live and only big brother. she phoned them and they said to take it back to the store as that is where she bought it (with credit card) my mother asked as she was disabled could it be collected they said no it had to be taken back. they said if it was damaged on the return trip they would not take it back and that to there knowledge there was no fault. To cut it short my mother went threw forums and found alot of other people with the same problem and e-mail phillips who ignored her she then e-mail the head office with attendtion of and the name of the executive manager of phillips a strong e-mail and suddenly the telly was collected and her card refunded. Can you not get a neighboor to see the enginer? hope this might help as you have your warranty as well

  harps1h 08:22 15 Jan 2008

whenever this is resolved i will not buy from currys again but go to my local electrical retailer where i wont have to jump through hoops

  oresome 12:08 15 Jan 2008

Have you been through all the menus on the TV?

There's usually dozens of adjustment you can make with regard to the displayed colours and the overall effect from cool to warm.

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