Currys/Techguys - Damaged Laptop

  dangermouse_78 15:28 02 Nov 2010

After having a 2 month battle with Currys customer services/stores and the oh so helpful techguys, I found this forum and decided to share my experience!

So, to cut a long and potentially boring story short....I have an Acer 7540 laptop that is nearly a year old (End of November). I was walking to work early September and the laptop bag strap came away from the bag (Poorly made) and the laptop hit the floor. This crushed the bottom right hand corner and split the lid. Being annoyed at the quality of the bag I went to my local Currys and complained, asking for everything to be replaced, as the bag had a "Life Time Guarantee"

After a two weeks and the issue being referred to Currys Head Office, they decided to pay £260+ to have the laptop repaired, they even replaced the bag for me as well. All is good so far, but then it gets sent away to the techguys......

The store called me early October, I picked it up and checked it when I got home, the base had been repaired but to my dismay the lid was still split and the model badge had not been replaced, so I got straight on the phone to Currys customer services/techguys and they arranged for it to be picked up by courier, this was the done on the 14th of October.....I have received it back today 02/11/10 (After 7 failed deliveries to my home address, after I told them to send it to work!) and it is still not repaired - the lid is still split, but the model badge is back! The techguys had it for the grand total of 2 days it spent the other 12 travelling the country! So what's next ??

I plan on going to the store this evening and to demand a replacement, as I have been into the store for the past 3 weekends trying in vain to get the delivery sorted out, I will also being complaining to Currys Head Office, any other suggestions ??

Having worked in retail management for the last 10 years and not once have I ever come across such appalling service, all started very well, but in the big picture of it I have actually had my laptop for 1 day in the past 2 months !

Thanks for reading,


  caz79 15:38 02 Nov 2010

I had a very similar experience with PC World absolutly disgraceful will never use them ever again. Recently purchased a new PC so looking forward to getting it fingers crossed it will be a better experience than previously!

  961 15:42 02 Nov 2010

Ensure your complaint is in writing explaining exactly what problems remain and ask for them to be fixed

Ensure you pass the written complaint to the store manager and ask for him to sign a copy as a receipt

Say you wish to reject the repair as inadequate/unsatisfactory, and if you paid by credit card/visa debit card for the original purchase, advise the card company

  spuds 16:31 02 Nov 2010

You mention that you have worked in retail management for 10 years, so you should have sufficient knowledge of UK consumer law. Looking at what you have already stated, you appear to have resolved a number of issues yourself, but if you haven't, you could try Consumer Direct click here for further advice.

  dangermouse_78 15:30 06 Nov 2010

Currys have decided to give me a nice settlement to resolve this problem.

I will be picking up a nice new laptop this weekend.

Thank you Currys !

I don't recommend that any one uses the Techguys though, I am still pushing for an answer as to how they failed to repair my laptop twice! A strongly worded letter is finding its way to the Head Office as I type.

I will update this post when I get the answer.


  961 15:32 06 Nov 2010

Good result!

  dangermouse_78 14:07 12 Nov 2010

I am now the owner of a very nice HP laptop. It's quiet a substantial upgrade from the Acer and I think that after a lot of hassle Currys done the right thing.

No answer to my letter, but in all honesty I only expect some corporate mumbo jumbo response. I am sure Tech Guys fix a high % of problems with no issues. But after reading many posts across a range of sites and my own experience. I could never recommend them.

My advice to anyone with the same problem is to get a little demanding, speak only to the store, read and understand UK Consumer Law and don't give up!

Currys paid initially £230 to fail twice at a repair - only then to give me £550 in return !!


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