currys tec guys hopeless

  lindaloo 15:03 31 Mar 2009

i bought a laptop in currys last october for my autistic child . he cant realy speak but his computor skills make me proud. had to get him his own one . he cant go out and play like other kids his age he does not understand danger .he travels the world on his lap top shows you were polar bears live . last week his laptop froze he was crying i took it from him . when he went to schoolthe next day i called tec guys . i was told to remove the battery .i gave the phone to my 22 yr old daughter as im not good with pc s. she removed the battery put it back in a 3rd of the screen was now in colours .i was told it would be collected next day . it was then returned ive been told the screen is damaged . i did it myself with my daughter trying to get the battery out .we removed battery under tec guys instruction . be warned your guarantee doest cover them telling you to remove a battery .i only removed it as i was asked it had never been touched i would not have touched it .i now have an 8 yr old who cant handle change saying laptop laptop and drawing pictures of it .yes me and my daughter broke the screen we never new that we could break the screen getting it out .my son can say a few words but his laptop was how he communicated since i got it his skills have advanced so much . so if you havent bought a watever happens policy do not take the battery out laptop if anything happens its your fault .tec guys have discusted me yes we willfix it no we will not its a joke

  HondaMan 16:26 31 Mar 2009

You bought it last October, therefore it's only 5 months old. Yoiur avenue is back to Curry's. If they refuse, you would need to explain to tyhem, their obligations, see here click here. If they still refuse,tell them, in writing, that you will get it repaired and send them the bill and expect that they pay. Do it and if they refuse to pay, issue a claim in the Small Claims Court. Keep the original of everythbing and only send them copies.

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  spuds 16:37 31 Mar 2009

If you followed the tech guys instructions to remove the battery as a checking procedure (on an already faulty device), then stating at a later date this as invalidated the warranty is utter nonsense.

Contact Consumer Direct click here for further advice.

  bjh 18:32 31 Mar 2009

Spuds gives good advice.
Given the extraordinary circumstance, a call to your local newspaper might even shame Currys into speedier action.

  lindaloo 21:06 31 Mar 2009

ive did everything that has been posted . ive left no stone unturned . bjh yes im shaming them as this laptop is my little boys means of communication i should have a positive result soon as i said ive left no stone unturned . i will post the final result . ive been asked not to disclose wats happening buy the person who will be acting in behalf of my son

  Forum Editor 22:53 31 Mar 2009

that under the terms of current consumer legislation the law assumes the fault was present when you bought the machine, unless they can show otherwise.

That means they must repair or replace the computer. Do not be fobbed off by any claim that you should contact the manufacturer - your contract was with Currys. Tell them that you have contacted PC Advisor, and that we have advised you that they must repair or replace this machine unless they can show that the damage was caused by misuse, or by fair wear and tear.

In saying all this I am assuming that the problem is a hardware fault, and has not been caused by your son's use of the computer.

  jaritch 08:34 01 Apr 2009

Is the problem here more that Curry's are saying that you damaged the screen when removing the battery and that screen damage is not covered in the warranty. If it's any help I damaged my laptop screen last year and got it replaced under my home contents insurance. Sorry if I am picking this up all wrong but thought I would share my experience anyway.

  ened 09:03 01 Apr 2009

In a situation like this I would have expected some compassion to be shown by the people you have been dealing with.

Clearly you are not 100% computer savvy and every minute your son is without his machine must seem like a lifetime to him.

You only broke the screen whilst acting on their instructions and I expect that you will get a favourable result.

I have always believed in dealing with local businesses where possible and this is a case in point.

It is likely that you might need further assistance in a 'technical support' sense and you can't beat the personal touch which is missing with the chains. I feel that given your circumstances, a small local trader may well have been the person to buy from in future.

My aged parent had a laptop from Currys some years ago and had similar problems to you. Whilst he is more capable of understanding why he was without it than your son, they were so useless and unhelpful that he forgot about the warranty and got local assistance.

Once you get this sorted out I would recommend finding someone who can help.

  lindaloo 09:17 01 Apr 2009

Its a case of im not pc wise the machine was faulty it had froze up . i took it of wee one as he was crying useing words not working . my 22 yr old daughter then started to try to unfreeze it it never worked . once wee one was at school following day we both sat together trying to unfreeze it called tech guys .i was asked to remove battery . i passed the call to my daughter as i never felt comftorble doing it . she removed it and turned it back on i herd her say half the screen is away . i looked and being a complete idot thought its not that bad its only a third . we were told to put it aside for collection . so we did then its returned all damage not covered . i still wasnt understanding the screen was cracked i went round shops and it all started to make sence i was showed the crack . this is the damage and the pixels are bleeding , when did this crack apear . after the battery was removed b4 this that mark wasnt there . i have a home desktop pc and its froze in the past and showed a similar fault to the one the lap top showed initialy . the damage now was new damage . i have 3 people that entered house my neice my kids dad and my daughter they all tryed to unfreez it and no there was no crack on screen .this was tragically caused removing battery very rare im told but possible . on this occasion it happened . do not take a battery from a lap top unless you have a watever happens policy . this matter is being delt with on behalf of my son buy a third party now , i will print the conclussion . my son is 8 he has computors in school as ive said he has clssical autism . this lap top was my little boys world he never had to wait for a turn on the home computor he had his own . the school cant believe how well he does at mathmatics and maps and routes . this is all due to his great computing skills . he cant realy speak well . but he never mistreated it . as i sat with him . no point in traveling the world on a laptop on your own . plus i get good talking from him when hes sat at his laptop . this isnt just any laptop . its a childs communication aid . yes tecnically my daughter broke it and shes been in tears . as i was told she neglagently removed battery . but i no i would not have let anyone take it out but tech guy asked .... lets see how the third party deals with this

  HondaMan 09:23 01 Apr 2009

Really? Did you see what happened. You are in danger of making an assumption - as apparently has the supplier.

  lindaloo 09:38 01 Apr 2009

ened thankyou the laptop is at home just now as they returned it its hiden as all my son will do if he sees it is cry . but he thinks its away to be fixed and will be back in 11 days 6 have been waisted now hes counting the days down . some of the tech guys who have had me on the phone for days . need to meet this wonderfull little boy . they would bend over backwords to help if they did . its easy to sit at end phone and think wat they want . id love them to see my boy showing them the world were the polar bears live were he wants to go yes every motorway in britain he nows . his smile lights a room he suffers terrible pain due to a realy bad bowel problem as a lot of autistic kids do . when hes ill his laptop keeps his mind of his pain . facts are i got him the lap top end of october as he was very ill and was unable to sit at home pc . hes well just now but was ill right through till jan . hes my special little boy and tech guys will no i wont go away im my sons voice .

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