Currys repair?

  mhider 17:01 17 Aug 2011

Hey, has anyone on here had a laptop repaired by currys? I phoned them yesterday, and they said they'd pick it up tomorrow, but I'm not sure if I need to package it or not, I think the guy said I didn't, but I'm not too sure, can anyone help? Thanks

  carver 17:39 17 Aug 2011

If you are sending it in for repair take several photos of the laptop before you send it back. It should be wrapped at least in bubble wrap to keep it safe from scratches.

He should bring a plastic box to put it in so it is safe from crushing, one other thing you can do is to get a sticky label and put any reference number on that along with your name and address.

What is the laptop going in for if you don't mind me asking.

  mhider 18:16 17 Aug 2011

Ahh Cheers, I was getting worried he'd turn up and I wouldnt have a box or anything to put it in. My laptop has developed a fault where the screen freezes and there are little lines across the screen, however turning it off and straight on again resolves the problem, I think there may be a cable that is slightly loose that sometimes loses connection for a second, A factory reset hasnt resolved the problem anyway. Thanks again

  Forum Editor 18:53 17 Aug 2011

Whatever you do,

make sure that before you part company with your computer you back up any important data files, and remove any personal details such as bank account information, login usernames and passwords etc.

  BRYNIT 19:30 17 Aug 2011

carver's suggestion of taking photos of your laptop before sending it back is a sensible idea but make sure the photos are date stamped.

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