Currys poor customer service again

  martd7 19:30 06 May 2013

Last week i took my son to currys he wanted a 17inch sony vaio laptop on finance We sorted the finance out and were told they didnt have stock they would order one in within two days A week on still no laptop,we have been in today to be informed,none in stock and they have no idea when or where they can get one from? An i thought pcworld\currys had improved! Hes settled for the 15.6 inch version of the sony but im certainly not happy with their slack attitude I really didnt want to go to currys\pcworld but my son had been turned down for finance from ebuyer and pc specialist,but currys approved it A lesson learned i suppose,ive requested a explanation as to why after a week they hadnt been in touch and why they cant get the required laptop its still been advertised on the site

  onthelimit1 09:00 07 May 2013

I avoid them like the plague! If I don't buy on line, I tend to use Staples or John Lewis.

  martd7 09:32 07 May 2013

So do i onthelimit1,unfortunately its the only place he could get finance,John lewis and staples dont do it,in fact i was surprised by how few stores do finance now,maybe its the state of the economy

  spuds 10:17 07 May 2013

Things must have changed considerably within the confines of PCW/Currys. It use to be the practice of checking stock levels from the store, other stores, warehouse or supplier before going into the finance arrangement stages.

Perhaps to late now, but John Lewis would let you have a 'free interest' period if you obtained one of their store cards. The same applies to Argos, so if funds are rather tight, it might pay to look into these options for a computer or similar higher funding purchase. John Lewis also might have the longer 'free' warranty period available, which might upset their price match conditions?.

  martd7 11:15 07 May 2013

they did a stock check said it would be two days,but after a week they have told us they have none and havent a clue when they will be getting stock of the laptop we wanted

  alB* 14:25 07 May 2013

Just done a "reserve and collect" check for that laptop and it's available in three stores close to my location, if that's correct why can't they get one sent to your nearest store, (they have done this for me in the past) ...alB

  martd7 15:32 07 May 2013


Thanks for that i will go to currys with that information and ask the reason why they couldnt do the same for us,they informed us out of stock everywhere and they didnt know when they going to get some in

  martd7 16:37 08 May 2013

we have been to currys today and have spoken to the manager,hes apologised for not contacting us to make us aware they couldnt order the laptop we required and has confirmed they cannot at this time order any stock of this item i was hoping to get it swapped for the one my son wanted

  spuds 10:14 09 May 2013

Having just checked on the Currys website, it would appear that this model is still available for purchase on the website information, but it does state @unavailable for home delivery but collect from store 'in one hour'. So there does appear that this particular model is still available in some stores, unless the website hasn't been updated.

On the PC World website it shows as being available both 'collect in store' and for home delivery.

I suspect that this as something to do with the finance arrangement and approval, and perhaps the store might have problems or 'inconvenience' in changing now?.

Perhaps also worth a mention, that in the Curry reviews this particular model shows 27 reviews with scoring of 7.4 out of 10. You haven't mentioned the model number of the machine provided, so not sure if it offers different reviews and scoring?.

  martd7 23:31 10 May 2013


thats my point its still on sale for collection in store,but they couldnt find any stock in this country and didnt know when they would get some in The laptop we eventually ended up with was a 15.6",same spec,sony, just a smaller screen and £4o difference

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