Curry's--Customer Service??

  Saltire84 20:08 29 Oct 2007

I purchased an Acer 5612 Laptop with Vista Premium installed from Curry's Online on 17th May 2007, it was a refurbished unit but came with a full years warranty. In September it became erratic and unstable and after it crashed a couple of times I attempted to Factory reset. This option however failed to operate so i was left with the option to re-instal using a set of Recovery Disks that were supplied with the Laptop and that was the start of my nightmare ! The Recovery Disks turned out to be Windows XP! Thinking about how this happened it became obvious that this was originally an XP Laptop but after it was refurbished Curry's installed Vista complete with Vista C.O.A.
At that time i thought it would be a simple matter of contacting Curry's and they would soon rectify this by sending out Vista Recovery Discs,oh how wrong i was !!!!
First of all i was kicked around between Customer Services and 'The Tech Guys' until (cutting a long story short)i was told to contact Acer ,purchase the disks from them and then apply for re-imbursement from Curry's. Thinking this a bit strange i went ahead anyway only to be told by Acer that they could not help as Curry,s had replaced the original serial no. with a refurb. one and that it was up to Curry's to resolve this issue. I could understand Acer's response and after thinking about it the original serial no. would be for XP o/s anyway.
Back to Curry's who then instructed me to contact Microsoft.......WHAT ????....what has it got to do with them?
Well this has now gone on for the last month and around 30 e-mails ,6 phone calls and a visit to the local store and i'm still no further forward.
I also informed Curry's that i now have a Laptop with A Vista C.O.A. with XP o/s and no C.O.A. therefore cannot be registered ,is unlicensed and illegal.......Curry's final response..."We are sorry that without the original serial no. we are unable to supply you with the required Recovery Discs,we are sorry for any inconvenience caused surrounding this issue. !!!!!!!! Has anyone ever heard the likes of this before?? I would welcome any advice on how to proceed with this matter.

  Forum Editor 22:37 29 Oct 2007

coming up:

Refurbished unit or not, consumer law applies, and Currys must rectify the fault. They may have told you to contact Acer, but you didn't have to do that. You've done it now, and Acer appeared to have washed their hands of the computer, so you must go back to Currys and tell them you want them to fulfil their obligation to you under the terms of current legislation.

You say the machine came with a full years warranty, and as Acer have said they can't help I assume the warranty wasn't from them - it must have been from Currys.

Currys suggestion that you contact Microsoft is ludicrous, unless the problem is with Vista, and not with the machine itself.

  Saltire84 22:55 29 Oct 2007

Thank you for your response ,guess i just needed to hear it from someone else......Curry's were beginning to make me feel as if i was asking too much!!!

  spuds 11:46 30 Oct 2007

Been there and done it, with the bruises still showing. Why do the Dixon's Group still offer poor customer services at times. A case like this, there should be a ready simple answer, can I suspect that it is individual training the main responsibility and cause of unsatisfactory service and customer care!.

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