Currys all ways lowering prices (yeah?)

  MidgetMan 14:35 01 Feb 2006

Been looking to buy a DVD recorder for the last few weeks and finally spotted one I liked yesterday(lite on 1105)in my local Curry's store, very nice white fascia, small and compact and would fit in nicely. Good price only £99.99.

Didn't buy there and then as wanted wife to agree to it first, showed it to her on website last night and she agreed. Checked website this morning at 9.30 still there and decided to get one at lunch. Went to local store only to see that instead of £99.99 it was now priced at £119.99.!! eventually grabbed store assistant (for some reason I wasn't mobbed as soon as I stepped into store)and asked why could this be, his reply was no idea fella! found a very important looking bloke in suit with walkie talkie and a large bunch of keys, he was he said the floor manager, ah-ha result me thinks.
Asked same question and he took me over to look at it, his explanation was that "head office set prices and he had no control" at this point we were standing under a huge sign with the slogan off "always lowering prices" asked him how that could be when the price of an item had risen 20% overnight, shrug of shoulders and was told thats the price and thats that!.

Got him to check the website as at 9.30 it was still priced at the old price, lo and behold new price now on there, he wouldn't budge on price so he lost a sale.

Surely they can be done for false advertising?? :>))

Now looking elsewhere, but I suppose the moral is buy when you see it or lose out!.

  stalion 14:46 01 Feb 2006

have a browse here click here

  Alfresco 14:48 01 Feb 2006

report it to watchdog.
its the kind of thing you see on there. you might end up with a free one.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 01 Feb 2006

Prices can go up as well as down. You shlould have grabbed it quick. However I can save you £40; try the Cyberhome DVD recorder in this here and excellent.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:51 01 Feb 2006

ps...I'm afraid Alfresco is wrong, prices can go up as well and it is up to the store to decide what price an item should be on any day.


  MidgetMan 14:55 01 Feb 2006

Yeah realise that prices do go up/down but £20 in one day? when i left the store was not sure if I was annoyed or totally bemused by the whole experiance, does kind of make a mockery of the slogan though.

will check out the link.

  Ikelos 15:12 01 Feb 2006

i am certain that what ever you want in PCW,Currys, Dixons group, you can get it cheaper any where else..

  Forum Editor 15:16 01 Feb 2006

the moral is buy when you see it or lose out!"

Precisely, you've answered your own question.

  Stuartli 15:24 01 Feb 2006

Many stores operate a policy of lower prices online than in their stores - PC World is an example.

In fact you can order goods online and collect them at the nearest store if you wish.

It's much cheaper to run a website than retail outlets on the high street.

  SG Atlantis® 15:26 01 Feb 2006

Offers change...

They'll take something off promotion over night and then promote something else. In a few weeks you might find it's back on offer again.

It's do with pricing rules, when something is on a long promotion, the new lower price will become the normal selling price so many weeks and the store can't legally call it an offer any more. So what they do is hike the price back up again for a few weeks and then they'll have it on back on offer after some time.

When I worked for a big DIY chain they did this with laminate flooring. Twice throughout the year it would be priced at £37.99 a pack, the rest of the year they'd have it promoted at £18.99, half price....

  spuds 15:37 01 Feb 2006

If you see something on one of the DSG websites, I would recommend that you make a print-out of the of all the particulars.I have done this in the past, and the manager usually meets the price. If they are unable to meet the price,due to special promotional offers, then the manager may offer 'their' stores discount.

Regarding Gandalf,s suggestion,and a few pounds burning an hole in my pocket. I was looking at a DVD recorder in Asda a couple of weeks ago, not sure whether it was the Cyberhome.Only problem was, getting a trusted assistant to advice me. Nobody seemed to know much about that type of equipment, at my local store.Even the customer services, put out a call the a knowledgeable assistant, and nobody showed up.Walked a few yards away to a Curry's and Argos store nearby, but wasn't very sure what I was looking at,but the Asda model seemed the 'betta buy'.

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