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  -pops- 11:37 13 Jun 2003

One question missing from the selection - Have you read the licence?

How many people read ANY of the licence agreements that they tick the "accept" box to when downloading software?

It may be worthwhile if these were read because some, in the past, if not now, stated that by agreeing to the EULA, you also agreed to accept the insertion of some or other undesirable into you machine. The purveyors of the software relying on the fact that few, if any, actually read the agreement they were signing up to.

Microsoft seem to specialise in licence agreements approaching infinite length and of infinite boredom factor such that if anyone except a specialist in these matters could ever be bothered to read and understand the writings, they would probably have given up all interest and desire to use the software anyway.


  Jester2K II 17:52 13 Jun 2003

Heres another problem. Ever noticed the EULA is INSIDE the sealed box??

You have to break a seal to open the box to read the EULA but by breaking the seal you agree to the EULA which you haven't read yet!!! If you break the seal you can't return the software for refund if you don't agree to the EULA!!!!!

  Murray 19:00 13 Jun 2003

I remember on some old MS CD's (I dont know if they still do this) they used to have a sticker on the the case, so that in order to open the case, you would have to break the seal, implyiung that you have read and agreed to the license agreement, which is INSIDE the case. stupid.

now reading it again - seems pretty similar to Jester's post...nevermind

  Jester2K II 19:18 13 Jun 2003

I'm sure that my Windows XP Upgrade box and MS Office XP upgrade box came shrink wrapped to that effect because now i just have a box with no seals but i can't believe i bought an unsealed box!!!

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