The current PCA poll on HDTV

  TOPCAT® 14:22 21 Mar 2005

Most apt that this article appears at the same time as the poll.

Those thinking of purchasing a HDTV enabled device now may want to read this BBC article. Consumers are buying displays that some salesmen are saying are HD ready when in fact they are not.

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You really have to know what to look for:

HDTV set-top-box with receiver or integrated TV set with HD receiver.

HD-ready display - LCD, plasma, or DLP (should take analogue and HD)

HD devices must have min resolution of 720 physical lines.

HD resolutions are typically 720p (p=progressive) or 1080i (i=interlaced)

  Rigga 15:41 21 Mar 2005

For a fairly long (7 page) but interesting read on the subject. > click here <


  recap 16:11 21 Mar 2005

If HD is the future then I think all TV's will come with this as a standard feature, so for me I will wait until it is a standard.

  josie mayhem 17:03 22 Mar 2005

I think mine will. But that's not because I want all the gizmo's. But concodering my telly purchasing antics.

In the last 15 years I've only brought 2 tellies. The last one, was becasue my main telly was getting old. When the disision to replace was actualy made was 3 years before we brought the new one. The new one is now almost 4 years old so got at least several more years before I start concidering replacement. So by the time I get around to it, I should imagine that buying a HDTV will be my only choice.

  It's Me 21:38 22 Mar 2005

Now I know what HD is, I had thought that it was 'Heavy Duty' but that didn't seem quite correct in the context! :))

  Totally-braindead 01:56 23 Mar 2005

Glad to know I wasn't the only one who was unsure what HDTV was.

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