PurplePenny 21:26 31 Dec 2003

My head is spinning! I need to build my husband Kev a new games machine. (My old workhorse PC is five years old so Kev has to play games on the laptop which overheats and freezes.) I want to build an SFF cube system so that it can be moved occasionally from room to room.

PCWorld have *almost* exactly what I'm after, a barebones socket A cube, but sadly I don't think that the mobo comes up to spec. for a games machine. The only specs PCW give for this (and I couldn't find a free asst.) are "Up to XP2400;SiS 740/961 chipset; 2 x PC2100".

What is nice about it is that it has a handle - OK it's aimed a LAN party goers but it would be equally useful for moving the box around at home.

No worries, thought I, I'll simply look the maker up online and find out whether they do a higher spec version ...... and therein lies the rub .... I can't find Cubesystems2. I've tried just about every variation that I can think of. I've also looked at just about every cube manufacturer that I can find (Shuttle, MIS, Soltek, Novatech, Biostar, AOpen, FIC and some others that I can't remember).

The FIC Ice-cube is the closest that I can find (in fact it looks remarkably similar from the front):

click here

but it isn't done as a socket A (and PCW definitely stock a skt A version).

Even more frustrating is that someone on here posted a link to a site that sold a cube with a handle, I remember looking at it, but I can't find the link on here and I can't even find the site in my history (so maybe I dreamt the entire episode).

If I can't find that one then I think that I will go with a Shuttle ... but on the other hand the Soltek has an extra drive bay ... and the Novatech has an onboard modem (for downloading the inevitable patch) ... and ..... my head is spinning.....


  Joe McG 21:35 31 Dec 2003

PurplePenny, Have you tried here

  tbh72 23:14 31 Dec 2003

Nova Tech click here do the small cubes as do Scan click here

The motherboard is known as a microATX and they are capable of supporting either AMD or Intel processors. The only major limitation with them is there inability to take numerous PCI cards having just one PCI expansion slot.

  phoenix198 06:10 01 Jan 2004

Or you might try ultim8pc click here who specialise in small form factor systems.

  Q-Bie 17:09 01 Jan 2004

Theres 2 different small cases we sell, the Cubesystemz (yes, with a Z) and some made by Epox.

If I can find any links I'll post info in this thread.


  Q-Bie 17:14 01 Jan 2004

Heres what you're after I think :)

click here

  PurplePenny 17:56 01 Jan 2004

Q-Bie - I need new glasses! Yes - that's the very one - Cubesystemz with a "z". The AMD model is CF-S768. BUT .... it really doesn't take anything above an XP2400 and I think that I should go for something better than that if I want to build Kev a decent games machine :-( It also doesn't have an AGP slot so that's another minus point.

tbh72 - I've thought about the PCI slot restriction and I don't think that it will be a problem (famous last words).

Joe McG & phoenix198 - thanks for the links.

Expect another post soon about games machine specs ...

Thanks again everyone, I'll mark this as resolved.


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