Cube247 stolen my Graphics Card? Sue?

  Allu X 09:57 29 Jul 2009

Hi all,

Last December I purchased a computer from Cube Enterprises (click here), for Christmas.

All was working fine up until March, when for no apparent reason when booting up the computer, no signal was displayed on screen and it would reboot itself every 5 seconds.

After a phone-call to cube and their over the phone guide to fixing it failed, they informed me it was most likely the graphics card or power supply, and said that I should send it back.

Now, firstly, they expected me to send it back to them, which is around 300 mile away costing £50 by any courier!

So, we decided to drive up there, 3 hours away to deliver the computer, and they collected it without saying a word.

About a week later, we received the computer back, so I set everything back up, turned it on. Nothing. Exactly the same problem as before, so again I phoned them, they informed me it was most likely damaged in transit, so this time they ordered it to be collected.

All was fine when it was sent back this time, for about 2 months, when again the same problem occurred which meant we had to again drive 300 mile to deliver something which wasn't breaking on our part!

:: Now, this time, when they sent it back - I had phoned them earlier asking on the progress of it, and they had said that it was working perfectly and had passed all tests, and it was a faulty motherboard that was the problem which they had replaced. Great I thought.

So we got the unit back powered it on, and again nothing! No display on screen for that matter. So again I phoned them asking what's going on, and the engineer told me to make sure all parts were secured it.

After opening up the unit, I saw that the graphics card was not even attached to the motherboard! It was loosely hanging out only attached by 2 screws, and looking like it had been tampered with. Now on this point I thought, well Cube wouldn't send it back in this state surely... so I rang the engineer again and he said again that it probably took a bump in transit and too secure it in place which we did, to no prevail since it still would not work.

Now, this seems unlikely about it taking a bump in transit for a start because the packaging that the computer is sent in is jam packed with polystyrene, and the way the graphics card was screwed in would suggest that it had been done that way on purpose (since there is no way it could come out simply by going over a speed-bump, it was too secure).

He arranged collection again for the following day, and so Interlink Express came and took away the unit which we had repackaged. This was on Friday the 24th of July.

I ranged yesterday (Tuesday 28th) to see how it was going on progress and this is where the main problem which I am so frustrated about comes.

  Allu X 09:57 29 Jul 2009

::I was informed that they are not fixing the unit because the graphics card is missing.


Again he said the graphics card was not there on opening it. Impossible I thought, we securely bolted it in.

So the guy on the phone went and had a word with his supervisor to see if they could replace the missing part. When he came back he said that they are not replacing it because they don't believe it has gone missing in transit and that we have stolen the part.

At this point I'm like.. "W.T.F", I mean why would I steal a faulty graphics card? Their response to everything was that they have been dealing with Interlink Express for 11 years and don't believe that they would open up a unit, take out the graphics card and put it back together. My argument was, so what if they haven't done it in 11 years, that doesn't stop them from doing it now.

Anyway, Cube would not budge and refused to accept any responsibility, firmly accusing me of stealing my own Graphics Card.

I immdediantley got on the phone to Interlink Express and tried to file a claim against the missing parts. The women on the phone was helpful but said I would need to get a collection number from Cube.

So I rang Cube again and asked for the collection number, which they would not give me, saying that they do not want the missing part being claimed against.

Again, at this point I'm totally bewildered and don't know what to do. I'm being accused of stealing a part of MY own computer.

( Also under the Freedom of Information Act shouldn't they have to give me the collection number? )

Anyway after this, I phoned up Trading Standards who said that I would need to write a letter to try and solve the dispute and contact the Police since it looked like theft from the Courier or Cube themselves.

  Allu X 09:57 29 Jul 2009

:: So now I'm totally stumped. We will be going to a trading standards local office shortly to get help on writing this letter, however I'm pretty sure now that Cube are not going to help us in any way.

In fact I now believe that it was Cube themselves that are just claiming that the part is missing, so that they save £200 for a new one, which is just pathetic.

Oh and did I not mention that they now refuse to send the computer back? They have done this 3 times with no problem, but now because of the missing Graphics Card they refuse to send it back!

I mean surely that is illegal and theft in it's own right??

Please could someone advise me on what to do, I am totally disgusted with this company!



  Armchair 10:34 29 Jul 2009

What sort of graphics card was it?

  donki 11:34 29 Jul 2009

This really could be a film, it is indeed a nasty situation to be in and does cause a great deal of stress. Trading standards will be able to outline to you what you need to do, this will probably be to keep a note of everything and start writing letters instead of phonecalls. Also I would adress all your letters to the CE or MD of Cube.

The trouble will be its your word against theres which will be hard to prove either way. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

  Allu X 13:48 29 Jul 2009

Hi, it was an ATI Radeon HD 4870, and will do Donki

  Armchair 16:40 29 Jul 2009

An up to date, high end card, that would fetch a good price..........

  interzone55 17:12 29 Jul 2009

Sorry but I got lost reading your novel, but I think I've got the gist.

Was the VGA card included with the PC when you bought it, or have you added it later?

If it's standard kit, then as the motherboard has been replaced on the PC, the engineer should have spotted it whether it was missing when he did the original tests to find out what was wrong.

My guess is that whoever swapped the motherboard forgot to replace the card. As is standard procedure in these cases, the company will blame the customer...

  Forum Editor 23:55 29 Jul 2009

please don't make any further accusations with regard to theft - you have no evidence of it, and although I can quite understand how angry you are, don't make things worse by making allegations you can't substantiate.

Of course it's ridiculous to infer that you would send a computer for repair with the graphics card missing, and it must seem pretty obvious to you that the card has disappeared at some point during the transit process, or after it arrived at the supplier's premises. Please understand however that we have no way of knowing what the facts are - we have heard your account of events, and of course we have no reason to doubt that what you say is true.

As things stand it is indeed your word against the supplier's, as donki has pointed out. I would certainly agree that you should write to the supplier, setting out the facts as you know them, so that there's a record of your complaint. Perhaps when you've done that you'll update us with regard to their response.

  ronalddonald 08:58 30 Jul 2009

if you can make a claim in the small claims court by submitting an application

  Allu X 14:09 30 Jul 2009

@ Forum Editor

Yes I know I have no proof, however since they are denying that their transit courier have stole it, then it has to rest with them no-one else.

Also they have a motive to have done this, since it has been repaired I think around 3 times previously, they would obviously not want to spend another £172 on a new one, knowing that if they say it is missing there's little I can do to prove that wrong.

@ alan14

Sorry mate, if I was unclear. The VGA was included in the unit when I bought it yes.

The problem that I have basically is, I've sent the unit with the faulty graphics card back for repair, they have recieved it and have said that the VGA is missing.

They also claim that their courier (who they've been dealing with for 11 years) would never and have never stolen parts.

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