Cmax 20:25 07 Mar 2008

I'll keep to the facts as I know there are many people that have been happy with cube247. I bought an Electra ST10.


• Good spec, good value
• PC Advisor recommend and all that
• Pretty quick order to deliver time but see below
• Called to ask me when I would like delivery day


• Took 6 working days to dispatch - they say that they guarantee 3 days. This was after Christmas period so no major issues with me and it was still quicker than many companies.
• Computer arrived without base unit - called and they blamed courier, I obtained tracking number from the packaging I had and it looked like Cube247 hadn't dispatched the base unit. The base unit arrived the next day.
• Switched on the computer and it wasn't working. Open the case found that power cable loose and graphic card wasn't fixed in properly.
• Last Saturday, switched computer on and there was a loud bang and sparks came out the back. The power supply had blown.
• Having checked the price of a identical replacement power supply it was £19.99. Now I paid Cube247 £30 for the 600w silent fan upgrade. Seems wrong to me to offer an upgrade at a greater than market cost and they don't seem to place any value on the standard unit which you give up for the upgrade. Also for a £1200+ PC this seems a real budget choice.
• Faced with £40+ return to base nonsense and untold hassle I have replaced power supply with a slightly better model and still saved £10.

Yes, I know I could complain, send it back etc, but like a lot of people I generally don't and will just think twice in the future.

  Kemistri 22:27 07 Mar 2008

"Yes, I know I could complain, send it back, etc."

If you do not at least raise a complaint, you are not helping anyone -- how is Cube supposed to know about a potentially very serious electrical problem if no one raises it?

  GaT7 18:41 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for the post Cmax.

Another reason why putting a budget PSU in a high-end computer doesn't make good sense at all, or save in the long run.

Most of these type of companies, including CougarExtreme, etc still do it though. But at least CE give you an option to choose a better one - although at a premium. G

  FatboySlim71 10:06 09 Mar 2008

I would definitely send it back. A PSU failing after this short space of time, it makes you wonder what the quality of parts used in Cube PC's are like. I also think that Cube should/could improve their quality control prior to dispatching, as I have read many times on here regarding people receiving PC's from Cube and they were not working.

I will also add that I had a bad experience with a Cube PC once and I would never use them again. I do not agree with having to pay to return a PC that clearly has a fault and is under warranty, I had to do this several times with my Cube PC, I think Cube should refund the customer of the postage whilst their PC's are under warranty.

I know that I enquired with Cougar Extreme prior to purchasing a PC from them recently regarding "Would I have to pay to return a PC to them, if the PC went wrong whilst under warranty" they told me that "You would not have to pay to return the PC whilst under warranty" they also told me that they would arrange for collection if the need would arise.

When I was building my system with Cougar Extreme, I had around 12 different PSU's to choose from, in the end I chose the Corsair HX620, this was £99, but with me having a high end PC I didn't want to scrimp on a cheaper PSU. If a customer is buying a high end PC it should automatically come with a high end PSU, it makes sense really.

  User-312386 08:08 10 Mar 2008

Send the computer back - If the PSU is faulty Cube have to refund you your courier costs as the goods are faulty. Sometimes things do go wrong with components.

If they refuse to refund your monies, then come back here and we will advise the next course of action.

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